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Not The Creative Nudge Issue #10

Not The Creative Nudge Issue #10
By Jane Tyson • Issue #10 • View online
Hello and welcome to this week’s update.
YOU ARE INVITED to join Phil, Simon and myself this afternoon from 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm for our monthly First Friday drinks. It’s on Remo and a perfect space for Random Dialogues.
Apologies if you are feeling confused, I’ve renamed this weekly 6.08 am newsletter. It’s still a Creative Nudge. The thing is I’ve always got so many names, ideas, straplines, and marketing messages. I rebrand myself at least once a day.
Random Dialogues was created in 2016.
The Random for us was and is about creating from nothing.
Playing, testing ideas and making mistakes.
The serendipity of random, the unstructured.
Creative nudges.
As always, thank you reading and contributing.
“The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing.” Stephen Covey.
mmm Niche Or Quiche” my mate Manny K would say.
This week, what aren’t you focusing on?

Storytelling For Gaia
'be healthy, be well, look after nature and nature will do the rest'
Going Back To My Roots
Mastering Effortless Living
Random Dialogues
Why Do Wes Anderson Movies Look Like That?
On Honey & Herpes
Research conducted in Dubai shows that honey is an effective topical treatment for both oral and genital herpes.
Honey can heal lesions from herpes just as quickly as ointments you find at a pharmacy, and it’s even better at reducing itchiness.
Well I never!
Random Dialogues has 103 members.
This Week's Adventures With Manny Kay
Manny loved his new teaching job
Nick The Teacher
Great tips to speak more fluently and naturally
Baking With Cath
Please send over your events to share too.
First Friday Virtual Drinks
Art Of Random
Resilient Kids Spaces
Embrace Your Online Audience
Canva For Beginners Saturday Morning
Thought For The Week
And Finally
If you were to write a book about this week, what would its title be?
And A Bit More Finally
Thortspace - Education - TED - Robinson
pause, breathe and notice the wildflowers and weeds
pause, breathe and notice the wildflowers and weeds
Did you enjoy this issue?
Jane Tyson

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