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No Thought For The Week - Issue #4

No Thought For The Week - Issue #4
By Jane Tyson • Issue #4 • View online
Hello to new subscribers and thanks to this week’s contributors of the Creative Nudge weekly newsletter. It’s good to have you here and so encouraging to read your responses.
On Thursdays, I invite my connections to share a “THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK”
“Sorry I don’t have any,” wrote Jason Arbiter.
“Thank you for not sharing your thoughts today,” I replied.
“It’s a pleasure. I’ve got loads of the same non-thoughts I can share.”
Nobody else responded, something in the air.
Rather than a penny for yours, be the first to reply with a thought to receive a free ticket to my 1st Monday Learning event, listed below. By the way, all subscribers benefit from a 25% discount.

Playlist For March
Learning Space
Maslov for a Living World
Harper's Magazine
Dr Jo Science 🔬🧬🧪🧫
A Wave in the Mind: Virginia Woolf on Writing and Consciousness
The Adventures of Manny Kay
Nick The Teacher
3 Sentence Book Reviews
“The Seven Sisters” by Lucinda Riley. An amazingly laid-back book that pulls you in and keeps you hooked. With no sinister love stories or gory details. via Nadia Best
Why We Sleep” by Matthew Walker. It’s by the leading sleep neuroscientist in the world. Easy to read and understand. Full of powerful and effective life-changing strategies, via Phil Shepherd
Geek Stuff
What Happens When Our Faces Are Tracked Everywhere We Go?
Weird Nostalgia
Tame Alligators 1949
Potato Gathering
“I love the fact it’s nostalgic,” said my brother-in-law John.
Fun Nudges
Lockdown Blondies
First Monday "Together We Learn"
First Tuesdays Mission and Learning Space
Second Wednesday Random Dialogues
Resilient Kids Virtual Wellness Sessions
Free Webinar
Some-things Lovely
The Present | A Short Film by Jacob Frey
Julie Andrews winning Best Actress for "Mary Poppins"
A Poem Pinned on Tea Boy
A Testimonial
Thought For The Week
nobody had any
Latest Investigation
And Finally
And A Bit More Finally
Please respond to this week’s issue with your Creative Nudge(s), maybe you’d like them to be included in an issue too.
Until next Friday…
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Jane Tyson

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