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Creative Nudge #6

Creative Nudge #6
By Jane Tyson • Issue #6 • View online
I lost a reader last week
“These are actually OK when I bother to read them,” said Manny K
“Jane, I’m really enjoying these, and the option for an online and Twitter-oriented newsletter is an interesting one.” Peter Jones
Thanks for playing with a logo idea Jason
Ian sent over a creative nudge… thanks for this Ian, I feel it’s more of a creative nitch?

Spring Playlist
Let's Talk About Courage
The Wild Side
Give a Boost to Biodiversity in Your Backyard
Wild Garlic Salad
Guy Barter
Stuff You've Sent Me Over Or I've Discovered
How Being More Productive Starts With Doing Nothing
Have I Got News For You
Stanford-led study highlights the importance of letting kids take the lead
Why Your ‘True Self’ Is An Illusion
Pitt Stop
This Week's Adventures With Manny Kay
Homophones With Nick
Flour And Flower
Would You Rather...
Eat chickpeas or lentils?
Book Reviews In 3 Sentences
Tracy Chapman - Across the Lines (Nelson Mandela 70th Tribute Concert, 1988)
Yes To Mess With Cath
Chocolate Orange Brownie Crinkle Cookies
Stand UP & Speak For Yourself is next Wednesday
Resilient Kids Spaces
FREE Canva For Beginners Saturday
Some-things Lovely
Taking Flight
Thought For The Week
My thought for this week is, what could I do if I stopped procrastinating next week? - Phil
Let me get back to you on that one Phil - Jason
Why do the school holidays go so fast? Do mums ever feel rested? Why am I not a good witch so I can wave my magic wand at the chaos in my house and it be sorted?
These are the questions that go round and round my head most days - Nadia
When I boil an egg and I want to peel it, sometimes the shell comes off really easily and sometimes it doesn’t.
Why? Jason
What The Dalai Lama Would Say
Solving World Problems One Dad At A Time
Not quite sure where to have the discussion, Jane, but here seems a likely place writes Peter over in the Random Dialogues group
Dear dialoguers …
Charities in the UK struggle with funding, and really need to turn into social enterprise instead.
A key word in social enterprise is enterprise.
Bringing enterprise skills at speed to the UK third sector could be transforming. I call that process Swarm Enterprise!
Would folk here find that interesting? Comments would be ever so welcome, and I really don’t bite !! (More like Bagpuss, in fact …)
And Finally
And A Bit More Finally
The Stoic Parent Fight Club
Thanks for sticking with it. Always learning.
PS Next week I’ll add a Weird section, you might like to contribute something to this too.
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Jane Tyson

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