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Because Sometimes We Forget Our Song #9

Because Sometimes We Forget Our Song #9
By Jane Tyson • Issue #9 • View online
“What is that?” said my husband.
“It’s my pale blue geodesic gnome of healing from Wilko, which my mate Jackie encouraged me to buy. We have one each”
This week, she also brought herself a Blue Peter badge because as a child she always wanted one. They sell them on Etsy.
We also both donated to this,
When I was seven I collected badges and put them on a denim hat. I also had this thing about dancing with Legs & Co.
What were your childhood dreams and did you follow them?
Below are this week’s random creative nudges, as always thank you for your contributions.

Storytelling For Gaia
Sowing Wildflowers
The Value Of Nature For Kids
This looked fun
Random art
Random Dialogues
On Flowers
On Bees
I was thinking about bumblebees recently and wandered how long they live for.
From what I can find out is , it is roughly about 28 days, but this depends on the species.
28 days! What can you do in 28 days?
Ain’t life strange at times.
Jason Bumble Arbiter
On Play
The quote: “Play - creativity - is fundamentally important for adults to continue to develop a sense of renewed and expanded self and a relationship with the world around them.
is me adapting what Anita Grant had said, namely:
Anita Grant, the chair of Play England, said: “Play outdoors is fundamentally important for children to develop a sense of self and a relationship with the world around them. Adults’ protective instincts are not helpful when they restrict and control exploration, creativity, and a child’s natural instinct to engage with their environment freely.”
So really that would be “quote Mike Holdstock inspired by Anita Grant” or maybe there is another word for that in English which I cant remember. Not parody but something along those lines.
“Play - creativity - is fundamentally …for adults…” also is inspired by Jeanette Vos thought/slogan “if they’re not laughing they’re not learning”.
Thanks for all these wonderful exchanges Mike Holdstock.
Keep playing.
The story of IAMBE
Learning Space
Outschool is the newest edtech unicorn
This Week's Adventures With Manny Kay
Nick The Teacher
Please send over your events to share too. Here are a few I’m hosting:
Art Of Random
Resilient Kids Spaces
Guiding Light Hours
Canva For Beginners Monthly
Some-things Weird & Lovely
Thought For The Week
Stop It
And Finally
And A Bit More Finally
Did you enjoy this issue?
Jane Tyson

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