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Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - Saying Goodbye

Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - Saying Goodbye
By Ramona Grigg • Issue #14 • View online

Sometimes sunsetting is worthwhile - Author's photo
Sometimes sunsetting is worthwhile - Author's photo
Hi to all 20 of my subscribers. Thanks so much for following along with me as I experimented with writing a newsletter strictly about Twitter. My heart just isn’t in it, and I didn’t do it justice, so the journey I envisioned didn’t happen.
I release you now to move on to other things.
I’m ending this venture but I’ll still be on Twitter, still opinionating, still sharing what I think needs sharing, and just generally hanging around to see what I can see.
As a writer and editor, I’ve been spreading myself too thin this last year when COVID changed everything. I started on too many projects that took me away from the writing I love most to do, and this is just one of them. The good stuff–the hard stuff–has been neglected, still waiting, getting impatient and threatening to quit on me if I don’t get back inside where I belong.
I’ll be making changes in my writing life in the next few months and a good part of it will be cleaning out the clutter. I can’t say for sure where it’ll lead but I’m excited to get started.
Thanks again for your support. It means everything to me.
You can still find me here and here. Thanks for your support!
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Ramona Grigg

Writer of things, mainly essays. Contributor at Medium, Crooks & Liars, Huffington Post, Substack, others. I spend an unusual amount of time on Twitter, so thought I'd share some of what I find. Leaning Liberal/Democratic. Hater of most memes and GIFs. Love Twitter, warts and all. (Click on 'Issues' tab below to enter.)

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