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Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - Issue #1

Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - Issue #1
By Ramona Grigg • Issue #1 • View online
Welcome to my Twitter newsletter. I’ll be sharing the work of writers on Twitter who don’t get all the attention, as well as my own work–which, you should know, doesn’t get much attention, either.
(Oh, stop whining…)
(I love ellipses. Sorry.)
(And, apparently, parentheses.)
Twitter says they’ve purchased Revue to give Twitter writers a chance to share their work on a new platform, so why not? I spend more hours than I care to admit on Twitter every single day and I find some amazing things there. Here’s my chance to share some of them.
I’ll start off by including the link I have pinned at the top of my Twitter feed. It’s an explanation of how and why we liberal/progressive activists should be using Twitter, with an added list of my go-to people whenever something big is going on that needs good explanation or analysis.
(Did I mention I’m a dedicated Liberal, as well as an unrepentant Democrat? You’ll need to know that, I think.)
So here’s the link:

Ramona's Voices: Twitter: The Essential Battleground for The Resistance
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Ramona Grigg

Writer of things, mainly essays. Contributor at Medium, Crooks & Liars, Huffington Post, Substack, others. I spend an unusual amount of time on Twitter, so thought I'd share some of what I find. Leaning Liberal/Democratic. Hater of most memes and GIFs. Love Twitter, warts and all. (Click on 'Issues' tab below to enter.)

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