Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - I Would Have Missed This



Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - I Would Have Missed This
By Ramona Grigg • Issue #12 • View online
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Today I’m going to throw out some Tweets that either tickled my funny bone, or sat me up straight in my chair, or told me something I didn’t know before.
First, today is Cinco de Mayo. You know what that is, right?
Are you sure?
If you're going to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, you should at least know what it is https://t.co/2ROsuRFhq3
I mean, really…can we ever know enough about fungi? Did we even know we needed to?
Steve Marek
What’s Up With Those Weird-Looking Mushrooms? https://t.co/bNV2vVF7pT
This tickled me. That is all:
I laughed out loud:
Ramona Grigg
"As the suspect frantically tried to get away, a pursuing officer took a leisurely bike ride on the path next to the water to keep an eye on him."

I cried out loud…
10-year-old Zoe heads home after receiving a new heart at Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital in Florida. It's the skipping for me ❤😊❤.

What a wonderful hospital & staff! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Zoe & @JDCHospital https://t.co/DkiJsE0vVu
I stood up and cheered!
Ramona Grigg
This traffic reporter is my new hero!
I'm guessing he didn't have a job when he got back to the studio, but all hail those willing to attack stupidity!
(Note, too, that the anchor STILL mispronounced his name at the end.)
And…Tyrone Power! OMG. He was my main crush as a teenager. He was gorgeous!
I have ¾ of a novel finished about a naive young girl whose entire small town life is wrapped up in old movies. She’s so crazy about a long-dead movie actor (Tyrone Power with a pseudonym), after her parents die in a double suicide (No, really, it’s funny.) she heads across country, on her way to Hollywood with an equally naive kid she barely knows, to find out the truth about her movie hero, now that the rumors are flying about his personal life.
I love those kids! I need to get back to it and find out what happens to them.
Tyrone Power - one of my favorite people ever. A gifted, underrated actor, a gentleman, a wit, an everlasting beauty, a man gone too soon. He was born today. https://t.co/smH5eRED9N
I’ll do this again soon. Have I mentioned lately how much I love Twitter?
I know!
And don’t call me naive…
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Ramona Grigg

Writer of things, mainly essays. Contributor at Medium, Crooks & Liars, Huffington Post, Substack, others. I spend an unusual amount of time on Twitter, so thought I'd share some of what I find. Leaning Liberal/Democratic. Hater of most memes and GIFs. Love Twitter, warts and all. (Click on 'Issues' tab below to enter.)

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