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Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - Down with Name-Calling

Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - Down with Name-Calling
By Ramona Grigg • Issue #5 • View online
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Lindsey Graham is Not a Lady. Let’s be better than sexism and… | by James Finn | James Finn - The Blog | Dec, 2020 | Medium
This morning someone on Twitter shared James Finn’s Medium essay above, “Lindsey Graham is Not a Lady”. In it Finn reminds Progressives that making fun of Lindsey Graham’s life choice, no matter how awful he is as a politician, is a slap at all those who are LGBTQ. It hurts, no matter who it’s directed at.
I read it, ashamed that I’ve felt the same way for a long time but haven’t done enough to make it stop. I literally haven’t done anything to make it stop.
The snark about Graham’s attempts to closet something everyone seemingly knows–that he’s a gay man with a long history of male escorts–has gotten ugly. There’s nothing clever or even original about the attacks, so many of them there for laughs. Those same words have been used historically to bring shame to gayness, and they hurt.
What James Finn is trying to get across is that when LGBTQ supporters use them they’re signaling it’s okay. It’s not. It never is.
Ramona Grigg
I agree totally with everything @jfinn6511 says here. Lindsey Graham is an odious human being, no matter which way he leans.
If he's a closeted gay man working against LBGTQ protections, there's a story there, but making fun of his gayness hurts gays. There's a line to be drawn
This brings me to what’s now common practice on Twitter: name-calling when rage gets the best of us. When it comes from the other side, I don’t care. I expect it from them. But here’s where I move away from my progressive friends on Twitter:
Laughing at Trump’s orange hair and makeup dilutes the real issue. He’s a monster whose entire reign of terror culminated in a murderous insurrection against the United States of America. I seriously don’t give a shit about what he looks like on any given day.
Mitch McConnell as a turtle stops being funny when we know he’s been responsible for obstructing progress for more than 12 years, and, worse, has enabled and encouraged Trump as he tried to destroy our American way of life.
Does Ted Cruz look like Grandpa Munster? I guess… Is he total trash when it comes to responsible governing? You bet he is. It wouldn’t matter what he looked like. Cruz is Cruz.
Did Melania Trump pose nude and do porn shots when she was young? She did. It’s out there. But I’ve never understood why the pictures have a permanent shelf life, pulled out whenever she says or does something we don’t like. Those photos have nothing to do with her stint as First Lady. I’m no Melania fan and never will be but I block people who think it’s okay to put those pictures on my page. It’s not. It’s stupid kid stuff.
I’m tired of name-calling. It settles nothing and gets us nowhere. It’s a feel-good moment, nothing more. I don’t want to think less of my Twitter friends when they do it, but I can’t help it. I think back to when I was raising kids, refusing to allow name-calling from any one of them–nor from their friends in my presence. I can’t do that with my Twitter friends, but I can think it, and I can move away from them.
Am I too old for this? Maybe. I’d like to think I’m too good for this, and if I stay silent about name-calling I’m condoning it. I’m not going to stay silent any longer. Thank you, James Finn, for opening this door. It needed to happen.
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