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Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - CPAC Follies

Ramona's Bird Cage: News from the Twitterverse - CPAC Follies
By Ramona Grigg • Issue #7 • View online
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Photo Credit: John Raoux
Photo Credit: John Raoux
It’s CPAC time! CPAC stands for Conservative Political Action Conference, though the days of being conservative seem to be over and the only political action coming from this year’s event is the promise to keep Donald Trump as GOP cult leader for as long as he wants the job. (See picture above. Trump is wearing his signature long red tie, Ronald McDonald pants that must have shrunk in the wash, and gladiator sandals for lord knows why. Screams ‘Dear Leader’, right?)
The conference has been held every year since 1973 but I confess I didn’t start paying attention until I began blogging after Barack Obama was elected president in 2009. When I did pay attention, getting way too close for comfort, I was Alice and CPAC was Wonderland, where up is down and in is out and nothing–I mean nothing–made any sense. Still, it looked like they were having fun, though ‘owning the libs’ seemed to be a pattern, even then.
I wrote about CPAC in 2009, in 2013, in 2014, and in a recap in 2015. You can read click on the links and read them, and I hope you do. It’ll make what happens this year at CPAC a little easier to bear. Maybe.
The conference was held at the Hyatt Regency in Orlando, Florida instead of the usual location in National Harbor, Maryland. (No coincidence that Donald Trump now resides in the Sunshine State.) The theme (and I’m not kidding) was “America Uncanceled”.
Here is the schedule. Programs began on Thursday, February 25, the conference ending on Sunday, February 28 with the lollapalooza Grand Finale: a speech by Donald J. Trump, obvious current president of the United States, regardless of decisions to the contrary by every single state and more than 60 courts across the land, and the fact that Joe Biden was inaugurated as POTUS on January 20 and now lives in the White House Trump vacated the day before Joe took the oath.
But what did Twitter have to say about CPAC? Plenty! I’ll just pull a few choice tweets, reminding you that we’re all going to be biased and probably make fun of the festivities. Okay?
The Lincoln Project grabbed a selection of CPAC moments and put them together in short enough segments where we can get the gist without getting sick. It ends with Ted Cruz’s “Freedommmmm” scream, but doesn’t do it justice. Watch this.
It seems Florida Governor Ron Desantis’s name was spelled wrong on the straw poll results. (He came in first, at 43%, if Trump decides not to run in 2024. Well ahead of Kristi Noem, who came in second at 11%) The misspelling probably wouldn’t have mattered, except so many Twitter denizens can’t stand the Gov'ner, so…
Steve Hofstetter
A CPAC straw poll lists the name "Ron Desnatis".

Well, let me just say that Ron Desnatis is eaisly the worts governro of Floriad.
The people designing the main CPAC stage area swear they didn’t know that clever though very odd shape they came up with was the exact same shape of an alternate Nazi symbol called an Odal Rune. Twitter went wild when it was pointed out. Was it deliberate? I can’t say, but the last thing TrumpWorld needs is another example of their apparent leaning toward authoritarianism.
“The CPAC stage was shaped like a literal Nazi symbol. Symbolism is a huge part of any Nazi movement, and the burden of disproof should always rest on people who espouse openly fascist beliefs. If a Nazi tells you this clearly who they are, believe them.”
The Hyatt Regency went bananas over the fuss, denying any involvement and denouncing the design, especially after potential guests took to canceling their reservations. Add to that the protests going on outside of the hotel over allowing the January 6 insurrectionists to hold a party for their Party. What a mess!
Nancy Levine
@Forbes: "Hyatt quickly went into damage control, attempting at first to frame the issue as one of free speech. Journalist Nancy Levine tweeted out a Hyatt statement touting the company’s responsibility to provide an inclusive environment for everyone."
So there was that. You’ll notice I didn’t say much about Donald Trump. Thank you for noticing.
I’ll leave you with this oddity floating around on Twitter right now. I would try to explain it to you but I don’t have a clue what it all means. I mean, seriously. Not a clue. But this is why I love Twitter. Because, where else??
Elizabeth Howcroft
People are spending millions of dollars on a new kind of rare object which only exists in the online world. They’re called NFTs.

This is one of the most mind-boggling stories I've ever reported. You can read it here, on @Reuters:

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