mad words

By Sanjana Ramachandran

longish essays on life that should really be in a diary instead

longish essays on life that should really be in a diary instead

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I haven't done this before. But I could really use your help. (Also inside: links to latest work and confusion.)

How best can I create on the internet?Like many people right after the pandemic began, I was suddenly in a position to think about who I really was, how I even got there, and where I wanted to go next.We have all re-evaluated life a few times in the last two …


NEW ESSAY: "Restricted Code", out on

Hello,If you spend as much time on Twitter as I do, (I'm sorry for you, but) you've probably also come across some Indian state official claiming, every now and then, that "Sanskrit is the best language for AI and ML according to NASA" or "Sanskrit is the lan…


How much does what we see affect our psyches really? OR: I need your help

Soon after the Bollywood movie Tashan was released in 2008, I made a bunch of decisions about my body that I can only back at and recognize as...typical. Many articles around the time talked about how "young Indian women went into a frenzy over this 'size-zer…


What the case of the 'Running Boy' says about us

Tomorrow is Monday. But I hope we won't need to once again feed off of each others' hardships—in distorted, momentary limelight—for "inspiration".Earlier this week, Pradeep Mehra—India's 'Running Boy' and its latest internet sensation—was filmed during his us…


How to buy earpods, Shark Tank India, and more

Ever found yourself eyeing a product you’ve always vaguely wanted — but now with a sudden new limited-time discount?You’re immediately about to aDd tO cArT... when the doubts start creeping in.Do I really need this?What if I could get something better for the…


Introduction and some good news

Hello, it is I


What's it like to be an engineer today?

Four and a half years ago, I was preparing to leave my coding job for an MBA. After serendipitously scoring the 99th percentile in CAT 2016, I had to make sure I didn't screw up the subsequent rounds: an essay test, a group discussion, and interviews with fac…