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How to buy earpods, Shark Tank India, and more

Sanjana Ramachandran
Sanjana Ramachandran
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Ever found yourself eyeing a product you’ve always vaguely wanted — but now with a sudden new limited-time discount?
You’re immediately about to aDd tO cArT… when the doubts start creeping in.
Do I really need this?
What if I could get something better for the same price, discount included?
How soon can I figure this out?
I felt this crunch recently, after deciding to reward myself with new earpods. All I knew was that I wanted them, but what makes for a good pair (when you’re not an iPhone user) and how to get them turned out to be deeper questions than at first glance. I write about this in my latest essay, hoping to guide other lost souls. The link is below.
I know I also said I’d send this edition some two weeks earlier. But I come bearing ✨ more content ✨, which should compensate for the delay.
Please write back with your thoughts, all and sundry. What would you like to see me create and write about? Is your neighbour annoying you? Tell me about it.
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Sanjana Ramachandran
Sanjana Ramachandran @ramachandranesk

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