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By Sanjana Ramachandran

How much does what we see affect our psyches really? OR: I need your help



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Sanjana Ramachandran
Sanjana Ramachandran
I need your help, friends.

Soon after the Bollywood movie Tashan was released in 2008, I made a bunch of decisions about my body that I can only back at and recognize as…typical.
Many articles around the time talked about how “young Indian women went into a frenzy over this ‘size-zero’ concept, and they started their desperate bid to acquire that figure.”
I’d like your help today to reach such people. In case you know someone who…
  • Went on a diet or hit the gym around the time
  • Started thinking differently about their own or others’ bodies
  • Changed their ideas of what beautiful women looked like (that could be you?)
Please do connect me to them. If not, you can help by amplifying my tweet: RT this PLS
Thank you for your time, I really appreciate your help!
Warm regards,
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Sanjana Ramachandran
Sanjana Ramachandran @ramachandranesk

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