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The new way we commit to – and release – friendship

In our season 2 finale:
How to be a team player when no one knows you’re a bucket of 46 curmudgeonly hagfishes wearing a trench coat disguised as a reasonable person.
  • How do we let competition & hyper-individualism sneak into our parenting?
  • How to tell if everyone around you is incompetent – or maybe it’s just you?
  • Bonus Good Idea to Avoid: How to take responsibility for other people’s problems.
Click through for the full podcast, transcript & juicy resources.

Unconditional Love & Other Bullshit: Collaboration For Curmudgeonly Hagfishes – Raising Luminaries
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Take accountability & commit in the comments: Which needs can clarify to build stronger collaborations? (See the post for ideas)
I’ll be back with season three: Summer is for Action! in July. Meanwhile, enjoy catching up on missed episodes, and have an awesome break!
With you,
P.S. This week in the Luminary Brain Trust, we’re unpacking self-sabotage, acknowledging kindness, celebrating our failures, and brainstorming ways to make our resource roundups more accessible for new members.
P.P.S. I stayed up too late making this info page for the Parent Activist Summer Accelerator and it slowly devolves into nonsense and typos. I’ll make it coherent soon - but meanwhile if you want to grab a free spot on the waitlist, do it now!
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