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Spend less time searching, and more time with your kids

Hi friends!
Collectively, I’m pretty sure we’ve put in approximately one-billion hours into google searches and trial-and-error experiments as we search for trustworthy resources to raise activist kiddos.
So to expand our Monthly Resource Roundups and curated kidlit reading lists, I’m building a vetted Resource Library for our community members.
:: Pause and be amazed at this great but also super-obvious idea ::
So my question is - how can I make a resource library truly helpful for you?
Anything you’re spending a ton of time searching for?
Particular resources you’d really love to see added to the library?
As we talked about earlier this year, big changes coming in the Year of the Tiger. It’s going to be a bit of a cluster-florp, please bear with me.
Our community space will move off Patreon and the Luminary Brain Trust Facebook group onto the Luminary Brain Trust member portal this October, and reducing this newsletter to once a month while I pause the podcast this winter.

Join The Luminary Brain Trust – Raising Luminaries
Check out this month’s September Shenanigans & Resource Roundup, where you can pick & choose the topics and resources to talk about hard stuff with kiddos.
Together in cahoots with you,
PS: Join the Winter Incubator Waitlist if you’re thinking about joining us this January for more in-depth transformational work on retreat, reorientation, and rebuilding your activism practice.
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Ashia R.
Ashia R. @RaiseLuminaries

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