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How to DIY Your Own Summer Parent Activist Accelerator

Hey friends!
Aaaand, we’re back for our Summer Podcast Season!!
In this episode, how to create your own 6-week accelerator collective if you can’t join our Summer Parent Activist Accelerator.
This week, we’re talking about:
  • What to focus on and clarify each week to DIY a 6-week Parent Activist Accelerator
  • How tracking our action gives us insight into how we can pace (and how to forgive) ourselves
  • Why we need to approach deep, important work with light goofiness
Click through for the full podcast, transcript & juicy resources.
It could be fun to create your own experiment! But if this sounds like a hassle and a ton of work to organize (because it is), join the Parent Activist Summer Accelerator instead! I’ll do the tedious logistic stuff, and you can sit back and enjoy the fun parts.
Capacity is limited to 6 members. Click ‘reply’ if you’re interested, and I’ll be sure to send you a heads up when enrollment opens this week.

How to DIY Your Own Summer Parent Activist Accelerator
How to DIY Your Own Summer Parent Activist Accelerator
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