August is for Big Transitions & Good Endings



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hi friends!
This summer we’re having a blast BUT ALSO there are too many things going on!
As we race through these final weeks of summer school for my kids (packing lunches, scripting social drama, chauffeuring them around the city, SO much tedious busywork) frankly I’m having a hard time keeping up.
That - and the back end of the Books for Littles website is broken. Err… whoops? Luckily on your side, things are fine!
So the August roundup is only half-done. There’s still plenty of new content, recommended reading, and resources. It’s mostly the dates and details that are outdated. I need to re-build the site from the ground up but for the moment - I just don’t have time! (and honestly I don’t know how?).
Click through to our half-baked, slightly-improved July Shenanigans & Resource Roundup, where you can pick & choose the topics and resources to talk about hard stuff with kiddos:
  • Transitions, letting go, and growing up (double-important in the year of the Tiger!)
  • Systemic anti-neurodiversity compliance & coercion
  • Bao Day
  • Black Women’s Pay Day (even though I need to shift it later this year because now things are WORSE)
  • Advocating for education rights
  • Addiction & harm reduction
  • Resources for back-to-school
  • Family constellations with some bonus love for polya families
You can start with just one book and still change the world! Let’s get started!
Through September, I’m gonna take a break from sending out newsletters while I figure out the (fun, but hot mess) things I need to repair and fix and transition so I can keep providing good stuff for you to ignite kind & courageous kiddos.
Together, we can transform our challenges into a sustainable way to support each other.
With you,
PS: Check out our bonus July’s 5-minute Actions for Change

August Resource Roundup - Raising Luminaries
We don't do passive consumption here
In keeping with our August theme of navigating transitions, let’s shake things up for ourselves, too.
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Ashia R.
Ashia R. @RaiseLuminaries

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