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An exciting announcement!

Conference Updates
Conference Updates
We’re four weeks out and I couldn’t be more excited for the experience we’re going to have together in Los Angeles!
If you’ve got a ticket and you haven’t already booked your flights or accommodations, you may find the previous email I sent out helpful.
If you’re still waiting to see whether additional tickets become available, there is hope! I’ve heard from a few folks that had registered but won’t be able to attend, so I am planning to send out an email next week making available what tickets we can.
At its core, a major purpose of The Rails SaaS Conference is to produce best-of-breed content that shows Rails in its best possible light, in front of a live studio audience.
We want to capture the stories, insights, philosophies, and tech demos that really illustrate the power of both Rails and our ecosystem to help developers and entrepreneurs looking to build new products and scale their businesses.
In short, we’re producing marketing material for Rails.
In pursuit of that goal, I’m incredibly honored and excited to share that Brittany Martin, co-host of The Ruby on Rails Podcast, has agreed to join us at Rails SaaS as a field producer for a special secondary track of interview content we’ll be creating at the conference.
Brittany is an incredible interviewer, and she’ll be teaming up with a member of our video crew to capture conversations with both speakers and attendees during the event, throughout the venue. I can’t wait to share more about what we’ve got planned for this, but we’re going to have a ton of fun.
The emails will be ramping up from this point out! There’s a lot more to share about what to expect at the conference and we’ve got a fantastic lineup of sponsors supporting what we’re doing that deserve a shoutout.
Today, I’d specifically like to thank ClickFunnels, whose early support for the vision of Rails SaaS made it possible to even begin planning it. We’ll have the privilege of hearing from co-founder Todd Dickerson at the conference, but their story of success as a bootstrapped business, built on Rails, helping entrepreneurs… I couldn’t have asked for a better headline event sponsor for what we’re doing! 🙏
If you were thinking of sponsoring the conference, it’s not too late. Please feel free to reply to this email or reach out via DM for details on what we can do and how you can help.
That’s it for now! If you’ve got any questions, please reply to this email and let me know!
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Conference Updates
Conference Updates @railssaas

Meeting at the intersection of Rails and business. October 6–7, 2022. Dream Hollywood.

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