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Mining - Consider the options for selling the power of your PC

Mining - Consider the options for selling the power of your PC
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Different ways of mining (mining cryptocurrencies).
One of the most affordable is a smartphone.
It allows you to mine a certain amount of tokens, but this is rather an incentive in nature, i.e. you can count on significant withdrawn profit in the long term, or you can extract it from several, or even several dozen devices. Usually, this method requires installing an application on your smartphone, or keeping the browser page with the miner running open.
Mining on your PC is a more interesting idea, especially if you keep an eye on your hardware.
If your PC is a laptop or an old PC, then mining software can significantly complicate the life of your computer, i.e. Expose to increased wear and tear on almost all components of your PC. If you are not sure about the capabilities of your PC or laptop, but decided to get some cryptocurrency on your own, you can install a browser that mines cryptocurrency, while loading the system like a regular browser. Services that provide the ability to extract from an open browser page are also suitable for you.
But when this is not about you, when there is enough power with a margin, there are many opportunities from independent mining of coins on mining pools with the ability to choose not only a specific coin, but also the intensity of your mining and the commission paid to the pool. As well as multi-pools, where the service will switch the power of your video card and central processor for mining a more profitable coin at the time of mining.
Usually, this requires you to install the miner software and configure it yourself according to the requirements of the pool.
There is also an easier way - services that provide software for the miner, with a friendly and understandable interface in any language, with the ability to select the load profile of your PC, but such miners will work only on the site for which it was written. And usually, what kind of coin you mine will rarely depend on your actions. The service often leases the power of your PC and pays you with coins already known and traded on the exchange, and not what it actually mines.
This path is easier, but if you chose this path, then soon you will be writing software for your miners yourself and much more, but this is not right away.
You can significantly expand the production on your PC, get the components out of the case and assemble them on the frame of the barn. To be able to connect more video cards and the need to create good flow ventilation, since an assembly with four video cards is not very noisy and heats up quite tolerably, But an assembly of twelve video cards will not allow you to talk in a calm manner next to this device and will noticeably grow in the room temperature.
There is one more point - this is power supply, i.e. the issue is not only in the cost of electricity, but also in the capacity of the electrical network of your home.
In general, for a more or less experienced miner, there is always something to mine and sell, especially to justify the cost of electricity. A good way to make a profit in the medium term. In my opinion, this path is suitable for people who are used to keeping track of their software and hardware, i.e. independently replace components, install updates and, if necessary, add software, sometimes according to the instructions. It is desirable to have a separate sound insulated air-conditioned room with good electrical wiring. These are general recommendations, there are still many nuances depending on how powerful your equipment is.
Cloud mining without noise and dust.
In this case, I came across several types of power lease.
I don’t think that someone from inexperienced miners will have to face it, but sometimes you rent the power of a single device for a certain period and pay for maintenance, electricity and storage space in the warehouse. You would also have to independently configure this equipment for the mining pool and deal with the sites and conditions of use in Chinese, but definitely this is the most profitable way in cloud mining, since you rent equipment from the manufacturer’s plant, but also the most expensive one. since you will have to pay the approximate cost of the miner.
The next type of cloud mining contract is a fixed-term contract.
Some services provide power for a while, i.e. you pay for a certain amount of power for a limited period of time - this means that upon the expiration of the paid contract, the miner is canceled.
Basically, almost the same, the difference with a fixed-term contract is that you will be charged for service and electricity. Of the assets you mine, i.e. the complexity of mining becomes more complicated, which means that with the expiration of time at the same power. You will mine less and less, and the service fees will remain the same.
If you don’t reinvest or buy additional capacity, in the end the cost of the service will exceed your profit.
Usually depends on the settings, but losing contracts sometimes have to be deleted manually so that the manner does not work at a loss.
One of the most reliable cloud services, in my opinion, is a cryptocurrency exchange, if, of course, it includes such functionality.
Fast deposit and withdrawal of funds and often not difficult to study the terms of the contract.
In cloud mining, I chose the following advantages for myself:
- profit from urgent to long-term depends on the volume of investments,
lack of noise, third-party software and all your devices are not busy with mining.
But there are also nuances, for example, with the understanding and display of power. To calculate the mining profit most accurately, you should not trust the calculators on any sites if you do not have sufficient experience with these tools.
For the calculation, I use this method - I invest $ 10 in the project I am interested in and fix the profit within 24 hours. Having estimated the minimum withdrawal amount of the coin that I am going to mine, it is in relation to the volume mined per day. This allows me to estimate how much investment is needed, the payback period and the schedule for the withdrawal of the mined coins. By comparing such indicators from several projects, you will spend $ 10 on the project, but you will choose the most convenient one for yourself, and such an investment will allow you to sufficiently test the capabilities of the service for depositing, withdrawing funds and managing the miner themselves.
ASIC miners. Everything is simple and complicated.
Asik is a device made exclusively for mining, with pre-installed software.
By purchasing the latest version of the miner, you are buying the most powerful and advanced hardware in the world. And, of course, this speaks of its high price. It is also quite noisy equipment that requires high energy costs and emits a large amount of heat. But that is not the problem.
In order to extract the maximum profit, you need to purchase a device from the first batch by making a pre-order.
It looks like this - having learned about the imminent release of a new device - 6-12 months, you contact the plant or an official distributor, pay 10-20 (often the minimum batch) units, which, if everything goes well, will be sent to you in 3-6 months and each of these units will cost at least $ 2,500 per piece. At the same time, you will somehow need to explain to the customs authorities. What is it, why do you need so much and how you are not going to profit from it.
But not everything is so scary. Factories and distributors usually help with delivery to Russia and countries negatively related to mining. This issue must be resolved in advance with the distributor. There is also enough information on the forums dedicated to this topic to independently assess the risks and costs.
In general, in skillful, experienced or attentive hands, this device will pay for itself in 2 months, and after 6 months of production, you will still sell the device with a large profit and pay off the device several times, but this is in the case of meeting many conditions and many years of experience.
This method is for very solid and responsible persons, laziness or a mistake can not only spend your money, but also cause a fire and problems with the law.
Remember, antivirus software doesn’t like any mining software. If you are testing or installing some kind of software, decide whether you trust this miner, and after that you still have to turn off the antivirus for installation and add it to the exceptions for correct operation.
Carefully study the invested costs and the received profit, compare with other projects and your decisions will bring you profit.
My tools:
FreeMining Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 0.00007000 BTC mined (BTC)
Kryptex A comprehensive solution for mining, you just need to register and download the application to your computer or rig miner
Hashshiny Large multifunctional cloud mining platform, 5Th / s registration bonus
MiningForever Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 100Gh / s mined (BTC)
EtmineCloud Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 100Kh / s mined (ETH)
Dogeminingpaid Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 100Dh / s mined (BNB, TRX, BCH, LTC, BTC, ETH, DOGE, PM)
Mineex Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 
120Gh / s
Armex Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 
120Gh / s
Alux Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 100Gh / s
Doge-mining Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 1Dh / s mined (DOGE)
Globadino Cloud mining service, gives 1 Th / s for registration, there is a CPU miner built into the site, you can mine some cryptocurrency on the project site.
Honeygain A solution for mining, you need to register and download the application to your computer, mining is carried out at the expense of the Internet traffic you use, suitable for weak PCs.
Majestyhash Cloud mining service, gives 1 Th / s for registration, however, to withdraw funds, you must purchase 6.76 Th / s
Havel — Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 
120Gh / s
PiNetwork — Smartphone app, mining is done through your social participation.
CCRBX — This service makes it possible to mine cryptocurrency by going to the service page.
CryptoBrowser — An ordinary and familiar browser with the ability to mine in one click.
CudoMiner — A comprehensive solution for mining, you just need to register and download the application to your computer or rig miner.
MineX — Service of urgent mining contracts, duration 7 months, upon registration gives 3000Gh / s mined (BTC,DOGE,LTC,TRX,XMR,BTCH)
Bitland Urgent mining contracts service, duration 6 months, upon registration gives 2000Gh / s mined (BTC, DOGE, LTC, TRX, XMR, BTCH)
MiningOnline — Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 100Gh / s mined (BTC, DOGE, DASH, DGB, LTC, XRP, ETH, ETC)
SuperMining — Service of perpetual mining contracts, upon registration gives 1Th / s mined (TRON)
RollerCoin — The service of mixed mining contracts is built into the gameplay, so you can increase power without investing money, and test game applications built into the interface for which you will be rewarded with small contracts lasting 7 days.
Binance — A cryptocurrency exchange providing a cloud mining service.
YoBit — Cryptocurrency exchange that leases miners under the terms of cloud mining.

Image taken: Koreabizwire.com
Image taken: Koreabizwire.com
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Aleksandr Rakhmanin
Автор: Aleksandr Rakhmanin

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