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Unsupported Bionic Eyes

Box of Amazing
Unsupported Bionic Eyes
By Rahim Hirji • Issue #2 • View online
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Hello from London!
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Last week we touched on Spotify’s economics and how it was shifting away from music. The stickiness factor is absolutely critical and podcasts have been a big bet. Before I move on, I’ll point you to the news that they just bought two more podcasting companies. I think that’s what’s called being “all-in”. I also gave you (last week) a heap of Wordle alternatives. So you also know that Wordle is watching you.
This week, I spent time away from the city, getting some clean air and down time (sleep, eat, and doing nothing much in particular) It allowed me to zoom through some books on my to do list. Regular readers will know my side-obsession with health, health tech, microbiome and the like. I ended up reading Genius Foods by Max Lugavere, which covers the link between food and the brain. No surprise that he gives you 10 super “Genius Foods” to maximize brain processing and minimize brain decline [(1) extra-virgin olive oil, (2) avocados, (3) blueberries, (4) dark chocolate, (5) eggs, (6) grass-fed beef, (7) dark leafy greens, (8) broccoli, (9) wild salmon, and (10) almonds] - but also dispelled multiple myths on areas like statins, keto and the like. Also, it looks like intermittent fasting is going to become a regular part of my life!
Stay Curious,
Onward! - Rahim

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