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#3 - Shifted to Bangalore, iOS development and articles

Rahul Gurung
Rahul Gurung
Hi folks, been a while right? Hope you and your family are doing great.
1) Moved to Bangalore
So this June end I shifted to a new city, Bengaluru. Of course, because Walmart Office opened. The last time I was living on my own was in college, but I guess here I go again. It was a nice experience though. I had my first air ride, and spend two weeks in a 4-star hotel with access to their restaurant and this all was sponsored by Walmart.

Bengaluru Airport
Bengaluru Airport
Hotel room with view
Hotel room with view
2) iOS Development
I always wanted to learn Swift and luckily my team moved to a project where we will develop an iOS application from scratch. This is where a new adventure begins. So far, iOS development atmosphere looks promising. SwiftUI, XCode and the cherry on cake Protocol Based Programming had always amazed me, finally i’ll get my hands dirty with them and you might see me writing article about related topics as well.
Few articles I published since my last newsletter:
  1. Introduction to React Native Navigation - An easy to understand explanation to React Native Navigation with visual diagrams, code and output animations.
  2. How to use the latest Husky 8 with Commitizen for adding git hooks to your projects - Setting up Commitizen with git hooks is changed since Husky 8 release, this is the new method to achieve that.
  3. A day hike to Lamadugh, Manali - Walkthrough of an amazing hike I did last year in Manali.
  4. How to test a JS library on a browser console without any hassle? - A cool trick to use certain JS libraries right there in the console.
“Be who you are, no matter who you are.” — John Cena
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Rahul Gurung
Rahul Gurung @rahgurung

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