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#2 - LinkedIn semi-viral post and new articles

Rahul Gurung
Rahul Gurung
First of all, Hope you had a great new year. Here are the updates I’ve been wanting to share.
1) My LinkedIn post got 40K+ views.
Yes, for real. At the beginning of the year, I made a post on LinkedIn announcing one of the articles where I have written short notes for the book “You Don’t Know JS”. Guess what, that post blew up and got 252 likes,21 comments, 44K views and 6 shares. The result was it boosted the SEO of my personal website so much that I am still getting 3-10 visitors daily. The number is small but we are getting there.

Linkedin Post Screenshot
Linkedin Post Screenshot
2) I got a writing opportunity from a well-known website
I have always been an enthusiastic believer in creating an online presence and have been maintaining my website for that reason. I would highly recommend anyone from IT to do the same because having an online website/blog can boost your chances to be found by people and you will suddenly see opportunities coming in from all sides. This would not happen overnight but slow and steady wins the race. Coming to the topic, the CEO himself reached out to me via email and we had a meeting. I cannot reveal the name of the website but it is an ed-tech firm having 20M+ monthly visits on its website.
Few articles I published since my last newsletter:
  1. How to get ideas for weekend projects? - My framework of coming up with ideas for your weekend projects which you can probably take full-time?
  2. My 2021 year recap! - Hope it is not too late to post it here. LOL. I published this at the beginning of this year.
This is where we say goodbye. 👋 See you next time around.
“I like criticism. It makes you strong.” — LeBron James
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Rahul Gurung
Rahul Gurung @rahgurung

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