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February 11 · Issue #13 · View online
Good Practice Together
Dear All
My name is Jo Wilding. I am a researcher based in Brighton and also an immigration barrister (on sabbatical). I research immigration legal aid and access to advice (link below to my last report).
I am carrying out some research on access to immigration and asylum legal advice across the UK, on behalf of Refugee Action.
With this research Refugee Action would like to find out:
-         What is the current provision of immigration legal advice in the UK, including legal aid work and organisations accredited by the OISC at any level;
-         What is the situation on demand for this advice;
-         Analyse where there are gaps/barriers to making this type of advice available to all who need it.
The research will inform Refugee Action’s strategy for supporting the sector in this area but we will also publish a report and aim to create a software tool that enables for this research to be regularly updated and made available to those organisations, stakeholders and funders who are interested in this area of work.
I would be really grateful if you would complete the survey. The survey is designed so you can skip questions that are not relevant to you (apart from the consent box in Q1), or just answer those that are most important to you.
If you would like to talk to me instead of filling in the survey, please check the consent box in Q1 and enter your contact details in Q2, then submit the survey and I’ll be in touch.
Best wishes and thanks in advance
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