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Weekly newsletter of Radio Francophonie Connexion - Issue #18

Weekly newsletter of Radio Francophonie Connexion
Weekly newsletter of Radio Francophonie Connexion
Français: Nous sommes un peu en retard avec cette 18ème version de l'infolettre de RFC. Mais plutôt tard que jamais! En dépouillant les bulletins de nouvelles, on dirait que le monde va, semblet-t-il, connaître à nouveau le Big Bang. Mais il n'en est pas ainsi car rappelez-vous, chers lecteurs, que nous avions eu durant les temps anciens des guerres et aussi des pandémies qui ont tué, exterminé des millions de gens…sans parler des dinosaures (dinosauriens).
Alors… répétons l'autre: A l'intérieur d'un drame il y a toujours des ingrédients nécessaires pour FAIRE MIEUX et pour ALLER PLUS LOIN. Merci à toi cher ami -qui es en train de me lire à l'instant - de m'avoir envoyé ce bout de phrase que j'ai allègrement collé à mon introduction d'aujourd'hui.
English: We are a little late with this 18th version of the RFC newsletter. But rather late than never! Going through the news reports, it looks like the world is going, it seems, to experience the Big Bang again. But it is not so because remember, dear readers, that we had in ancient times wars and also pandemics which killed, exterminated millions of people … not to mention dinosaurs. So … let’s repeat the other: Within a drama [planetary or not] there are always the necessary ingredients to DO BETTER and to GO FURTHER. Thanks to you dear friend who are reading me at the moment for having sent me this part of the sentence that I cheerfully stuck to my introduction today.
Je dédie une pensée toute spéciale à Mérès Wèche, cette cette super grande âme grand'anselaise qui venait de s’envoler (au lieu de dire comme Victor Hugo l'a dit: cette petite grande âme ).
Carl Gilbert, Editeur/Editor

In our Inbox/Dans notre boîte
(In our Inbox)
The Story Behind Kreyol Essence
Yve-Car Momperousse remembers waking up on Saturday mornings dreading to get her hair braided. Whenever Yve-Car’s hair was breaking, mom pulled out the magic oil that seemed to solve everything for everyone in the house.
Like most girls, Yve-Car did all types of things to her hair to make it look good: chemical straightening, weaving, and braids, to mention a few.
 Over the years, she did lots of damage to her hair for the purposes of style. After each “hair catastrophe”, she knew exactly what to do to regrow and repair her mane— call Mom and ask for a bottle of Haitian Black Castor Oil.
 After growing her hair naturally, Yve-Car went to a hair dresser and asked to have her hair pressed. It turns out that the beautician burned her hair by using an iron that was too hot.
 Once again, Yve-Car needed Haitian Black Castor Oil, so she went in search of the product. To her dismay, no one had the organic oil available. Yve-Car decided to make sure that she, and anyone else who needed the oil, could have access to it by creating Kreyol Essence (KE).
Yve-Car Momperousse se souvient s'être réveillée le samedi matin en redoutant de se faire tresser les cheveux. Chaque fois que les cheveux d'Yve-Car se cassaient, maman sortait l'huile magique qui semblait tout résoudre pour tout le monde dans la maison.
Comme la plupart des filles, Yve-Car a fait toutes sortes de choses à ses cheveux pour les rendre beaux : lissage chimique, tissage et tresses, pour n'en citer que quelques-uns.
 Au fil des ans, elle a fait beaucoup de dégâts à ses cheveux à des fins de style. Après chaque “catastrophe capillaire”, elle savait exactement quoi faire pour repousser et réparer sa crinière : appelez maman et demandez une bouteille d'huile de ricin noire haïtienne.
 Après avoir fait pousser ses cheveux naturellement, Yve-Car s'est rendue chez un coiffeur et lui a demandé de se faire coiffer. Il s'avère que l'esthéticienne lui a brûlé les cheveux en utilisant un fer trop chaud.
 Encore une fois, Yve-Car avait besoin d'huile de ricin noire haïtienne, alors elle est partie à la recherche du produit. À sa grande consternation, personne n'avait l'huile biologique disponible. Yve-Car a décidé de s'assurer qu'elle, et toute autre personne ayant besoin de l'huile, puisse y avoir accès en créant Kreyol Essence (KE).
Kreyol Essence, The New Beauty Craze | 100% Natural + Ethical Products From Haiti
Kreyol Essence, The New Beauty Craze | 100% Natural + Ethical Products From Haiti
Our partnership with QVC continues to grow and we are excited that our founder will be back on air sharing styling tips this Sunday, November 7th, at 7am EST. Check your local listing or watch on
You can view our last feature on QVC’s “Get Ready, Gorgeous” showcasing our Moisturizing Hair Milk and Castor Oil Set styling duo by visiting our blog here!
Jean Charles <>
Sun, Aug 1, 11:39 AM
to me
Dr. Carl Gilbert.
Dear Dr. Gilbert
I am sending you this letter to inform you that inspired by my book : 
Pour le pays pour la patrie, une vision de societe qui rendra Haiti riche et puissante, Jude Elie has formed a political organization named Platform Politique SOVE LONE, he wants to go to the elections to become the next president of Haiti.
His vision and his goals for Haiti are enshrined in the material enclosed. He would like to become the candidate of the Diaspora, since Jude is a product of the Diaspora. He is the project manager of a multi-billion dollars city agency the New York City Public Housing Agency. In his prior life he was the manager of Chevron in Haiti and in his co-curricular life he is the Global President of the Silesians alumni in Haiti.
Jude is married and his wife was the Director of Peace Corps in Haiti. Jude is an engineer/architect by profession he has a Master in urbanization from New York University and a Master in Business Administration.
Jude is the perfect candidate to bring us from the squalor of Middle Ages to a renewed and revived Haiti where the nation retake his place as the light on the hill quoting Alain Carpentier in Haiti el reino de este mundo.  
In his program, the Diaspora will occupy a privileged position where the members and their children shall become full Haitian citizens contributing to the development of the nation. I hope you will make Jude Elie the candidate of the Diaspora. The Man of History who will make us proud again to be Haitian in SOVE LONE. We are trying to raise $100.000 by the end of this week to launch his campaign in Haiti. Please call me and tell me how much you can contribute towards this goal. We will be closer to change the landscape in Haiti from a failed nation to a vibrant one.  
Best regards
Jean Hervé Charles/ 
Phone: 1-347 520-2877 cell
Français: Le fils aîné du président assassiné Jovenel Moïse, Joverlein Moïse, répond à des questions sur Le Point de Télé Métropole au sujet de l'assassinat
English: The eldest son of assassinated President Jovenel Moïse, Joverlein Moïse, answers questions on Le Point de Télé Métropole about the assassination
LE POINT 05/11/21 : Joverlein Moïse
LE POINT 05/11/21 : Joverlein Moïse
RFC on Twitter: "Dans le noir complet, Cap-Haïtien attend toujours le carburant via @nouvelliste"
Etienne Côté-Paluck on Twitter: "Port-au-Prince : Opération policière en milieu PM dans le quartier La Saline alors qu'au moins 6 véhicules blindés y ont circulé sous les balles du groupe armé qui contrôle la zone depuis l'an dernier (allié au G9). Selon premières infos, il y aurait des victimes parmi ce groupe."
Primature de la République d’Haïti on Twitter: "« Genyen anpil ka detounman, tankou nan zòn Sid kote n te lwe 30 kamyon sitèn ki pou t al livre gaz nan ponp yo ke yo detounen pou al vann sou mache nwa ou byen bay yo an konn gout. M ap asire n gen ankèt k ap mennen sou sa. », minis Defans #Ayiti #Primati…"
RFC on Twitter: "Opinions - Un chef de gang notoire veut faire disparaitre les inégalités sociales en Haïti…"
Primature de la République d’Haïti on Twitter: "Le PM, @DrArielHenry, a réuni, ce mardi, le comité de crise sur le carburant, composé des #MJSP, #MICT, #MDE, #MTPTC, #MEF. Il est question de résoudre, une fois pour toutes, les problèmes liés à la livraison de carburant dans les stations de service et à la sécurité des convois.…"
RFC on Twitter: "Haiti-Des pièces à conviction de l’affaire Dorval, toutes les déclarations de patrimoine et d’autres dossiers pendants volés au greffe du tribunal"
People gather at a gas station in hopes of filling their motorcycles, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021, during a national fuel shortage. Matias Delacroix AP  Read more at:
People gather at a gas station in hopes of filling their motorcycles, in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Sunday, Oct. 31, 2021, during a national fuel shortage. Matias Delacroix AP Read more at:
Info en continu/non stop
CNN Politics on Twitter: "A federal judge denies former President Donald Trump’s attempt to withhold records from the House committee investigating January 6"
Democracy Now! on Twitter: "COP26 Draft Statement Blasted by Climate Activists for Failing to Phase Out Fossil Fuels"
The New York Times on Twitter: ""Stay in the streets and keep pushing." Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez said Tuesday at the U.N. climate summit in Glasgow that activists can press governments to change their priorities, and that the U.S. should be a global leader in driving down emissions.…"
Les adieux à cette petite grande âme venait de s’envoler (Victor Hugo)
Les adieux à cette petite grande âme venait de s’envoler (Victor Hugo)
HAITI CONNEXION CULTURE: Les adieux de Beaumont à Mérès Wèche…Translate Tweet
RFC on Twitter: "Mérès, loin des entourloupes du panier à crabes"
The New York Times on Twitter: "Monday was the first day that children in the U.S. ages 5-11 were eligible for the coronavirus vaccine. Here's what the scene looked like at schools in New York City:"
New York Post on Twitter: "New Jersey mom charged with murder after dead kids found in back seat… "
The New York Times on Twitter: "A couple is suing a Los Angeles-area fertility clinic after learning that an embryo "mix-up" left them with someone else's baby girl."
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COVID Live Update: 251,523,181 Cases and 5,078,901 Deaths from the Coronavirus - Worldometer
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Queue pour l'achat de carburant en Haiti
Queue pour l'achat de carburant en Haiti
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Weekly newsletter of Radio Francophonie Connexion
Weekly newsletter of Radio Francophonie Connexion

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