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🦘 Chio Chronicles 🧬 - Issue #2

🦘 Chio Chronicles 🧬 - Issue #2
By Bug & Delade • Issue #2 • View online
Everything new in the Radio Chio world for August 2022! Starting this month, we’re using a new method to send out our newsletters, which you might have already noticed if you’ve been around for a while. There may be some small changes to come in how stuff like freebies and downloads are handled, but we’ll cross that bridge when we get there. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy the latest from us, and if you have feedback on this new style, we’d love to hear that, too! You should be able to reply to this email and we’ll receive it here at Chio HQ.

Comic News
Follower Schedule
July turned out to be so much more hectic than I could have anticipated, with a lot of time-consuming and exhausting real life stuff going on. Follower’s schedule has slipped a little bit, but I’m working on getting back on track.
Due to the same ongoing life stuff, I’m also keeping Follower on an every-other-week update schedule for the time being. I’ll make an announcement when I’m able to go back to weekly updates.
Volume One Speedrun
If you’re a member of the Chio Club, then you’ve already heard this bit of news over the weekend, but essentially: I’m going to be spending the month of August knuckling down on finishing the page resizes and art cleanup for Follower I’ve been slowly working on for a while. I have an opportunity to send Follower to print in a less expensive way if I can complete the files by the end of August, so I’m going to do my best. Truthfully, I need a change of pace in the kind of creative projects I’m doing, so it might be a nice jumpstart for my brain to switch modes for a little bit.
If you want to support this effort, the best way to do so is to join the Chio Club! If you pledge at $5+, you’ll get a PDF of the book when it’s finished and you’ll also get your name on a special thanks page inside the book itself.
Art Fight 2022!
For the first time ever this year, I participated in Art Fight! I submitted Geedey and Dia as characters other folks could draw, and just look at these incredible revenge attacks I received! I love them so much! Please check out these folks’ art, they’re all amazing and make all kinds of great stuff.
🌻 Bug 🌺 #artfight Team Bloom!🌿
Please look at this incredible Geedey @k0yfish drew, aaaaaaaa!!! I love this so much!!🤩 Art fight is amazing, I’m so glad I made time for it this year.
Ginpu/Chelle - Commissions OPEN 🎨🖌️
AF2022 revenge on @radio_chio of their character Dia.
Art © Michelle Walsh
Characters © their respective owners
#art #ArtFight2022
Follower is now on GlobalComix!
Follower is now available on GlobalComix! GlobalComix is a relatively new comics reading platform that has a great reading experience no matter what kind of device you’re reading from. While the entire Follower archive isn’t available there yet, it’s coming soon!
Read Follower Chapter 2 in English Online
August 2022 Sale
This month’s bonus is a 50% off coupon for everything in my shop! You can get all of my currently available comic PDFs as a bundle for just $16, total, or individual comics for as little as $0.75 each!
This summer has been pretty rough on us financially for a bunch of different reasons, so I’m hoping to recoup a little of that through comic sales. Take a peek and get something to read while you chill this summer!
You have to use the link below to receive the extra discount. Otherwise, the shop is only on sale at 25% off for non-newsletter-subscribers!
If you need a coupon code at checkout, use the code bugsaugustsale to receive the 50% discount!
P.S. If you shared this with other folks who might be interested in our comics, I’m probably just going to look the other way and pretend I didn’t notice. I mean, more comics for more people is always better, right??
Community Events
Here’s everything that’s going on in our community this month!
Radio Chio Twitter Community
I’m trying out the Communities feature on Twitter. I have no idea where this is going, but join in and we’ll find out together!
🌻 Bug 🌺 #artfight Team Bloom!🌿
Ok, I’m going to give this Communities thing a spin. Planning on posting comic updates and art here, we’ll see where it goes??
Discord Community Events
We’re currently deciding on what our monthly community event should be! In the past we’ve done a movie night, but it’s time to pick something for August. Come and share your opinion on Discord and be part of the Radio Chio reader community!
Streaming on Twitch
I’ve started streaming on Twitch, both working on comics and art and sometimes playing games. It’s meant to be a chill hangout space, and I’d love to have you around while I’m on! Feel free to ask questions about what I’m working on, or even just lurk if you’re an introvert like me.
By hanging out in chat and just watching the stream, you can earn Chio Coins, which let you do all kinds of stuff! You can play sounds on the stream in response to whatever’s happening, force me to do things (like hydrate 💦) or even save up a ton of Chio Coins and make me draw for you!
Just watching the stream helps me continue making comics because I get a tiny slice of ad revenue, but if you’re feeling generous, subbing to my channel or cheering with Bits also helps! I’ve been trying to run an art request stream once in a while, where you can submit a request for Bits! I’ll probably do one of those again soon, after Art Fight is over!
Here’s this week’s schedule:
Join the Chio Club
Do you enjoy Follower, Messenger, or the other content we make? If you do, come and support its continued creation by joining the Chio Club! You’ll get early access to whatever we’re currently working on, insider insights on what and how it’s done, and other rewards like special access in the Discord.
You can join the Chio Club by pledging to either our Patreon or Ko-Fi!
Join the Chio Club – Radio Chio
Thanks for reading!
That’s all we’ve got for this month. Thanks for reading and enjoying our comics! We hope to see you around one of our community events soon.
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