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✊️🏙 Urban living costs more 💵 How to make housing more affordable 🏠 Promoting cycling in cities 🚴‍♀️

Hello urbanists! As many of you will already know, city living costs more than life in suburban and r
November 12 · Issue #8 · View online
Radical Urbanist
Hello urbanists!
As many of you will already know, city living costs more than life in suburban and rural areas, and new evidence from the U.K. shows that this gap has only been growing. Cities are also where housing affordability is the most dire, which is why building the right kinds of housing will be important to addressing it (though, as discussed in issue 6, supply isn’t the only determinant of cost).
There’s an ongoing debate on how that housing should be constructed, who should construct it, and which form it should take. This issue has a number of articles looking at these very questions, along with an update on the Trump administration’s tax proposals that would strip significant support from programs aimed at increasing the stock of affordable housing across the United States.
Finally, as we shift away from personal vehicles to alternative modes of transportation, there must be a focus on promoting increased cycling — which Amsterdam and Copenhagen are well known for. However, London’s new plan for a pedestrianized Oxford Street seems to leave bikes out of the equation, which there’s been good news out of Canada for cyclists: Vancouver is working on reducing bike theft, while Montreal could be seeing a lot more bike lanes very soon.
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🌆 The high cost of urban living
More evidence of the Dow of cities
Skyscrapers and Land Values: Evidence from Chicago on the Costs of Building Tall Cities
🏘 Strategies for affordable housing
Yes, You Can Build Your Way to Affordable Housing
The end of the housing supply debate (maybe)
Tax reform: Affordable housing advocates say new bill is 'devastating'
🚴‍♀️ Promoting bike infrastructure
How London Will Pedestrianize Oxford Street
'Bike theft is not inevitable': Vancouver rolls out a cycle crime revolution
🎊 Update from Montreal
In Montreal, an Electrifying Win for a Long-Shot Who Campaigned on Better Transit and Cycling
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