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✊️🏙 Uber's push for private transit 🚗 A look at Canadian cities 🇨🇦 Sea level rise putting cities underwater 🌊

November 5 · Issue #7 · View online
Radical Urbanist
Uber is a polarizing company. Some, typically in the higher income brackets, love it, while many others see it exerting a negative force on urban transportation and the rights of workers. I’ve written a lot about the company, but this issue starts with my most recent article arguing that the company’s ultimate goal is to replace public transit, particularly in the rapidly growing cities of the developing world. And this presents a whole range of problems.
Next, while it often seems that many of the most innovative urban projects are happening in European cities, particularly with regard to promoting alternative means of transportation, Canadian cities should not be ignored. There’s an increased focus on expanding subways and rail lines in major cities, and Toronto’s recent deal with Alphabet, while hailed by the press and politicians, also has detractors (who have very real concerns).
Finally, The Guardian published a great feature this week about the effect of sea level rise on major cities, and it isn’t good news. The report has a set of maps showing how much of the urban areas will be affected under the sea level rise that will occur under the current projected level of warming. While the report is dire, we need to begin preparing for this eventuality, especially since people and politicians are clearly not showing enough concern for the issue.
I don’t mean to end on a downer, but, as always, feel free to share with people you think will be interested, and let me know if there are any particular topics you want covered in a future issue.

📱 Tech's threat to public transit
🚨 Uber’s Goal is Not to Operate Alongside Public Transit but to Replace It
L.A. Explores On-Demand Public Transit
Why Helsinki's innovative on-demand bus service failed
🇨🇦 What's happening in Canadian cities
🚨 We need to Google some questions about Sidewalk Labs
🚨 Will a Proposed 'Pink Line' Give Montreal a New Mayor?
The experience of Vancouver highlights the importance, and the difficulty, of building better cities
How Metropolitan Vancouver Is Reorganizing Suburban Growth Around Transit
🌊 Cities headed underwater
🚨 The three-degree world: cities that will be drowned by global warming
Miami after 3℃ sea level rise. Photo: The Guardian/Climate Central
Miami after 3℃ sea level rise. Photo: The Guardian/Climate Central
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