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✊🏙 Time to give buses some love ❤️ New details on fatal Uber collision ☠️ Public housing can be beautiful 🏠

Hey urbanists! I think you'll like this week's issue. CityLab is highlighting buses and why they're e
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Radical Urbanist
Hey urbanists!
I think you’ll like this week’s issue. CityLab is highlighting buses and why they’re essential to pieces of the urban transportation network, while Vox has an in-depth look at the progress being made on electrification of bus fleets.
There were also new details this week on what may have caused a self-driving Uber to kill a pedestrian in March, leading to new questions about the system’s safety. I’m also continuing the focus on public housing with a piece on how the US might learn from European cities.
Finally, we end off with quick links to other great reads. I really liked the articles about trains on the Korean peninsula and how Arctic cities are dealing with thawing permafrost.
Have a great week!

Don't underestimate the power of the bus
America's Buses Need Your Love More Than Ever America's Buses Need Your Love More Than Ever
Electric buses are coming, and they’re going to help fix 4 big urban problems
New details on fatal Uber collision
Uber reportedly thinks its self-driving car killed someone because it ‘decided’ not to swerve
Inside the lab where Waymo is building the brains for its driverless cars
Congress Can’t Let Self-Driving Car Makers Treat People as Guinea Pigs, Say Public Safety Watchdogs
The future of public housing
What the Future of Affordable Housing Already Looks Like
Public housing in Vienna
Public housing in Vienna
Community Land Trust Model Taking Off in Vancouver
More great reads
💸 Phase 2 of NYC’s Second Avenue Subway is getting even more expensive, but it doesn’t have to
🇰🇵🇰🇷 South Korea has a plan to modernize the North’s trains if denuclearization talks are successful
🚅 Texas high-speed rail will partner with Amtrak so passengers can switch between the services
☠️ 6,000 pedestrians died on US streets in 2016 — up almost 50% over 2009 — and SUVs are a major factor
🇪🇬 Egypt is building a new capital outside Cairo, but is that really a good decision?
🚲 “Dockless bikes made up 44 percent of all shared bikes on the street last year, but accounted for a mere 4 percent of the trips.”
❄️ As permafrost thaws, Arctic cities have to protect existing structures and pay close attention to where they build next
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