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✊️🏙 HQ2 bidding is over 💰 Pollution is killing millions of people 🚙 Google extending its monopoly to the city 📱

October 22 · Issue #5 · View online
Radical Urbanist
The bidding war for Amazon’s second headquarters wrapped up this week with a bunch of stunts by mayors across North America that should make their citizens profoundly ashamed. While HQ2 will bring jobs, it will also bring social problems that many of these mayors are not preparing for — check out issue #3 for more — but I was happy to see Ontario, at least, say it would not offer Amazon financial incentives.
A really scary report on the death toll of global pollution also came out this week, and it should have us all worried. Even those who are skeptical about whether or not greenhouse gas emissions are warming the planet should want to reduce them to keep millions of people from dying every year; and if we’re really to take this problem seriously, we need to get all cars, not just EVs, out of our cities as soon as possible.
Finally, Toronto is teaming up with Google to redevelop a section of its eastern waterfront with the goal of showing how technology can enhance urban life, but there are really big questions about what’s really motivating Google’s involvement in the project. Is the tech monopoly really dedicated to improving our cities, or is it responding to its insatiable thirst for data by trying to become the private platform for urban services? That doesn’t sound like a positive outcome to me.

💰 Taking the tally on Amazon HQ2 bidding war
Here are the most absurd things cities did to lure Amazon
Amazon’s HQ2 may increase rent in 15 cities
Ontario to bid for Amazon HQ2 by investing in education, not offering incentives
🚙 Our addiction to cars is killing us
🚨 Global pollution kills 9m a year and threatens 'survival of human societies'
The growing list of countries vowing to ban the sale of gas-powered cars
Our cities need fewer cars, not cleaner cars
How Seattle Got More People to Ride the Bus
📱 Google wants to monopolize the city
Toronto Announces Plan to Turn Waterfront Neighborhood into Living Laboratory
Google’s plan to revolutionise cities is a takeover in all but name
🚨 David Harvey: The Right to the City
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