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✊🏙 How safe are self-driving cars? 😳 Lyft expands services like Uber 📱 CA evictions 3x previous estimate 🏚

Hey urbanists! There was a lot of new about autonomous-vehicle and ride-hailing companies this week,
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Hey urbanists!
There was a lot of new about autonomous-vehicle and ride-hailing companies this week, so they take most of the focus in this issue.
I begin with the piece I published on whether self-driving cars are as safe as tech CEOs claim, then highlight the NTSB’s new report on the fatal Tesla crash in March — the news isn’t good.
Up next are Uber and Lyft, which are continuing their expansions into more areas of transportation, before taking a quick look at some issues faced by renters in the UK and California. Finally, as always, a great list of interesting reads.
Have a great Sunday!

How safe are self-driving cars?
Are self-driving cars really safer than human drivers? Are self-driving cars really safer than human drivers?
Tesla’s Autopilot steered car toward barrier before deadly crash, investigators say
The future of ride-hailing companies
There were a lot of stories about Uber and Lyft this week, so it didn’t seem right to simply link to them all. I think some additional context is needed, and some categorization.
  • Uber and Lyft want to offer scooters in San Francisco. Both of the ride-hailing companies — at least that’s how I typically refer to them, though that may need to change soon as they expand into other areas — have announced their intention to begin offering scooters, similar to those that are quickly becoming ubiquitous in some major US cities. This news comes not long after San Francisco’s regulation of scooters and both companies announcing they’re moving into bike share, as well. Uber’s bike-share company, Jump, announced it will begin operating in European cities beginning this summer.
  • Lyft’s new app pushes pooled rides and mass transit. Just weeks after Uber announced its intentions to move into additional transportation verticals beyond ride hailing, Lyft has announced redesigned its app to encourage people to use shared rides and to show transit options in some US cities. It wouldn’t be surprising to see bike share and scooters added if it’s successful in expanding into those areas. The ride-hailing giants increasingly want more of the transportation pie, and to be the one-stop shop for transit planning.
  • Uber’s fate in London to be decided June 25. Uber has been on a charm offensive ahead of the June 25 decision on whether it can retain its license to operate in London, but its attempts to buy support might be rubbing the people who matter the wrong way.
  • The gig economy was supposed to be the future. The Bureau of Labour Statistics shows it’s not. There have been stories for years about how more people were becoming freelancers and that the gig economy was how people were going to work in the future, but new data from BLS “reveals that gig work makes up only 6.9 percent of the U.S. workforce.” That’s down from 2005, when 7.4 percent were independent contractors.
Difficult times for renters
Do you live in shoddy housing that costs a fortune? Time to join the renters' union
California Evictions Much Faster and More Frequent Than Previously Thought
Other reads
23% of US Tesla Model 3 deposits have been refunded after customers canceled their orders
🗳 California voters approved Measure F to provide legal help to tenants facing eviction, while Measure 3 was approved in the Bay Area to increase bridge tolls to pay for transportation upgrades
🚶‍♂️ New data shows how many people are moving to the centre and leaving the suburbs in New York City
📍 Airbnb is finally providing data on listings to Barcelona
Ⓜ️ New York City to subsidize half-price fare cards for low-income residents
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