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✊🏙 Dockless bikes cannibalizing Uber 🚲 NYC subway key to prosperity 🚇 and much more!

Hey urbanists! Dockless bikes are becoming ever more common on the streets of major cities, and Uber'
July 22 · Issue #43 · View online
Radical Urbanist
Hey urbanists!
Dockless bikes are becoming ever more common on the streets of major cities, and Uber’s purchase of Jump Bike is causing it to cannibalize its ride-hailing business in San Francisco.
Plus, as government officials fight over who should pay to fix NYC’s subway, a new report argues that they need to figure it out fast because the subway is key to the city’s prosperity.
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Dockless bikes cannibalizing Uber
In February, Uber added Jump Bikes as an option in a few cities, and more recently did the same with Lime after investing in the bike and scooter rental company. New data shows that Jump bikes are cannibalizing Uber vehicle rides in San Francisco.
As of July 1, overall trips by new Jump riders on the Uber platform climbed 15%, even as their trips in cars and SUVs declined 10%.
The upside for Uber is that at least the users switching from vehicle to bike trips are remaining within Uber’s ecosystem and switching to a mode that presumably costs Uber less per ride. However, what it means for Uber’s long-term finances remains to be seen, given that it’s still a wildly unprofitable company.
Meanwhile, Chinese bike-share giant Ofo has been rapidly scaling back its operations in North America, Australia, Europe, India, and the Middle East as it refocuses on “priority markets” in an attempt to stop losing so much money.
Eliot Brown
Whats most amazing abt this is that a company that is still a very long way from profit, has burned through ~$10 B, already faces the prospect of being disrupted
NYC needs to rebuild its subway
A new report by the Manhattan Institute makes the case that the city’s residents and economy have benefited immensely from the subway, and that if it wants to maintain its prosperity, the subway needs to get the funding for necessary repairs and expansions.
New York’s mass transit system—especially its subways—has been a crucial factor for encouraging and enabling more of the residents in the city’s historically poorer neighborhoods to work. Any sustained deterioration in subway services endangers this success story. […] To protect the gains that have been made, and secure future gains, elected officials and policymakers at both the state and city level will have to invest, and invest wisely, in additional subway, bus, ferry, and other transit capacity. Otherwise, they risk presiding over stagnant job growth and workforce-participation growth that is independent of any cyclical recession.
Even though NY Transit President Andy Byford has a plan to accelerate repairs, he’s having trouble getting the money he needs from the state or city. Meanwhile, disability advocates want a more concrete commitment from Byford to expand accessibility (more about this in the Byford profile in last week’s issue) and MTA tunnel repairs will push back construction of a protected bike lane on Fourth Avenue.
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