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✊🏙 Dark side of tech disruption 😡 Growth of new US housing movement 🏠 What future for bike share? 🚲

Hey urbanists! The Atlantic had a piece this week about a gig-economy worker who died on the job, and
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Radical Urbanist
Hey urbanists!
The Atlantic had a piece this week about a gig-economy worker who died on the job, and I figured the dark side of tech “disruption” might be a good way to start this issue. While the pieces I highlighted focus on the experiences of people affected by these new “innovations,” I detailed the larger issues with the gig economy in a popular piece back in 2016.
The next section is housing, where I was intrigued by The Nation’s deep dive into the movements springing up across the United States to demand better rent protections and more investment in public housing. There’s also a fascinating article about the influence of Soviet urbanism on China.
Finally, some articles on the growing bike-share services before a list of other reads that you might find interesting. Personally, I’m really hoping the Singapore-Kuala Lumpur HSR goes ahead.
Have a great Sunday!

The dark side of tech disruption
The Death of a Gig Worker The Death of a Gig Worker
San Francisco protestors toss electric scooters in front of tech company commuter buses
The future of housing
Meet the Rising New Housing Movement That Wants to Create Homes for All
Why Transit-Rich Neighborhoods Are More Affordable
Maximum city: the vast urban planning projects of Soviet-era Russia are being reborn in modern China
Bike share keeps growing
Dockless bikes: Are they bad for station-based bike-sharing systems?
Lyft is closing in on a potential acquisition bike-share company Motivate
Other great reads
🇩🇰🇸🇪 Copenhagen and Malmo could built the world’s first international metro
🇦🇺 Melbourne unveils designs for five beautiful new metro stations
🇨🇦 Toronto’s C$1.5 million King Street pilot project, which restricts auto traffic to give priority to streetcars, is a success
🚨 San Francisco is subpoenaing data from Uber & Lyft on driver pay, benefits, and justification for their contractor classification
🇸🇬🇲🇾 Singapore continues to “incur costs” on a high-speed rail line to Kuala Lumpur as it awaits clarification after Malaysia’s PM announced the project was canceled
📱 Uber in “discussions” to add Waymo’s self-driving cars—more evidence it wants to dominate transportation, not just ride hailing
🇩🇪 Hamburg’s self-driving shuttle pilot is governed by the public transit authority, not a private company
🚁 Uber’s flying-car Skyports are pure fantasy
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