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Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

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Hello again

• Chip shortages will continue to affect emerging technology. There's just no way around it.• The speed of a person's speech varies from 125-400 words per minutes. Auctioneers – and people who read the legal stuff at the end of drug and car commercials – talk…


Stay tuned Radial Development Group - Issue #54

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insights, and nerd life, and wellness.


Growing Pains

How to spot photo and video fakes.


No New Mistakes

Learn how to get better at making every type of decision.Baby black hole, a newborn neutron or a cosmic cow?


I'm Not a Nerd

We know about Alan Turing, but what about Elizebeth Friedman?


Join This Channel

A California tech support specialist cracked the Dickens Code.


A Swim or Swim Approach

The case for visiting offbeat museums and attractions


The Only One in the Room

Penguins feet don’t freeze, even though they stand on ice for months.


Problem-solving Strategies

An entire Twitter feed of bad survey questions.


Share the Value

Black hair in video games is terrible. These artists are changing that.


Avoiding "tutorial hell"

Birds may be the key to one Colorado ranch’s survival.


People remember stories

A rookie teacher created the Oregon Trail game. And he didn't earn a penny,A New York couple unknowingly used an ancient mosaic as a coffee table.


Better Humans, Better Work

An Englishman stole nearly 300 rare birds from a museum. Then he sold their feathers to buy a golden flute.



Here’s what novels look like if you strip away the words.


Day 606

What would dogs become if humans disappeared?Are we on the verge of chatting with whales?


Voting Day

Ancient Japanese wolves may be the link to domestic dogs. Winter’s coming. Do you know the different kinds of snow?


Technical communication

Screens vs. paper: Don’t throw away the books. A Dutch entrepreneur believes his invention can conquer The Great Pacific Garbage patch.


Doing nothing

Apple's fortress of secrecy is crumbling from the inside.


Sane Deployments (A Manifesto)

The end of coal, the beginning of … molten salt.The moon is leaving.


Sometimes You're Just In a Hurry

Have you ever shared a mamihlapinatapai? Probably.