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January 18 · Issue #46 · View online

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

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At Radial: 
  • Our staff is more than 50 percent women. 
  • All team members earn the same wage. 
  • We primarily hire entry-level developers. 
  • Our teams ship working code every two weeks.
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Black hair in video games is terrible. These artists are changing that.
The dirty work of cleaning online reputations.
Sparking Genius
From our friendly neighborhood nerd Ariana F., at Rosabella Consulting.
The Sitcom Effect
Life is not like a sitcom, and yet it’s so easy to get sucked into those worlds. When was the last time you constructed elaborate decorations for a spooky Halloween in a 30-second montage? In the real world, such efforts take significantly more time and energy.
Establishing realistic expectations is an essential skill for highly productive leaders. But when the real time it takes to turn bold visions into reality are not modeled for us (which they definitely aren’t in the world of social media and sitcoms) we can easily set ourselves up for disappointment.
How do you reality check your expectations?
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