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Sane Deployments (A Manifesto)


Radial Development Group

October 12 · Issue #37 · View online

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

Hi Friends,
Nothing good ever happens at midnight.
At least in the tech world.
Why release big new features to an app in the middle of the night? You astronomically increase the chance of waking up to a disaster. And do you really want to call your development team at 2 a.m. to ask them to roll back code mistakes?
Of course not. 
Clients often believe late-night deployments are the only way to push out new code without disrupting users. Fortunately, there is a much better way. 
We often inherit code bases with baggage. Clients experienced botched deployments and half-baked features, discovered only when an app is released to users. 
We have strategies to overcome these issues.
First, we create ways to stage code on production-ready servers. Clients test the code before the application’s release.
Second, we create automated tests for important user flows and new features. When a team adds new code, we know within seconds if it breaks any existing functionality. 
Third, we build in a robust code review and peer testing system. The review catches many common, problem-causing mistakes.
You may be used to a cycle of nail-biting deployments where devs push out new code and you frantically test to make sure nothing is broken. I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Let’s end those midnight releases and frantic, after-hours scrambles. We can do it together.

The end of coal, the beginning of … molten salt.
The moon is leaving.
The Sound of Moosic.
Tired of corn mazes? Try a hemp one instead.
Being Better
Journaling prompts from our friendly neighborhood nerd, Ariana F. at Rosabella Consulting.
Fall is like the universe’s way of reminding us it’s ok to let go. In fact, it can be good to let go. The trees shed their leaves to prepare for winter. What if we shed the things that no longer serve us? Epictetus once said, “We suffer not from the events in our lives, but from our judgment about them.”
Here are some journaling prompts to help you say yes to letting go in a meaningful way:
  • What stories, thoughts or beliefs have you been holding onto that are no longer serving you?
  • What if you let go of them?
  • How would it feel to let go of them?
  • What new opportunities are you creating space for in your life by letting go of them?
Some exciting changes are coming to Journal Jams in the next few weeks. Stay tuned here for more info!
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