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February 15 · Issue #50 · View online

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

Hi Friends,
When you move to a new state, one of your first interactions with that state’s management culture is often at the DMV. You have to get a driver’s license. If that goes poorly, you might think poorly of your state government. If it is smooth and well-organized, maybe the opposite. 
When you join a new tech company, one of your first interactions with their culture is via Slack*. Radial has the usual channels for doing business: internal channels for each client project, plus #general-announcements for things everybody needs to know, #stand-up for posting stand-ups, etc.
The remaining channels set the tone for what working at Radial is actually like. 
Take #two-minutes-love. Our new hires often mention this as a channel that catches their eyes. It’s a channel where we post celebrations, big and small. New hires have also taken note of #watercooler, the place we all go to hang out, and #pets-and-babies, where people post pictures of their babies, fur and human. Then there’s #music, #fitness, #mentorship, #quotes, and so many more.
One new hire recently shared that the first thing he noticed when he joined our Slack server was “the embrace of the human side of development.”
I was glad to hear it. What do your Slack channels say about your company culture?
*Or another messaging tool.

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Sparking Genius
From our friendly neighborhood nerd Ariana F., at Rosabella Consulting
Priming Against Procrastination
There are certain things I procrastinate on. When I finally get around to doing the work, I realize the reason I put it off in the first place. The task frustrates me. It’s triggering because it’s difficult.
When you’re triggered by a task, you enter a patterned threat response - fight, flight, freeze or appease. As a result you lose your ability to think rationally. Fear gets in the driver’s seat and unhelpful stories flood your thoughts.
Before you can move into a higher level of functioning, you need to acknowledge you’re in an unhealthy pattern. Then you can prime yourself before tackling such tasks in the future. Similar to the way an athlete stretches before competing, acknowledge the feelings associated with putting off doing the thing in the first place. It might be fear, anxiety, uncertainty, perfectionism, confusion, overwhelm, etc. Once you name it, you can change your attitude about it so you’re set up to succeed.
What task or project have you been procrastinating on? How might you prime yourself to start tackling it today?
Want to learn more about how I prime myself against procrastination? Read more here.
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