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Growing Pains


Radial Development Group

March 8 · Issue #53 · View online

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

Hi Friends,
We’re growing and it’s not been without growing pains. 
In the last two months we’ve added four new employees, taking our ranks from 16 to 20. It’s a big jump for a small company. For us, two challenges are ensuring quality onboarding and continued employee growth.
When we averaged two new hires per year we had plenty of time to bring them up to speed. If anyone missed anything during onboarding, several long-term employees were around to help. 
With fast growth, the dynamic changes. Now, one out of every five people is new to Radial. It’s harder to turn to the person “next” to you and ask how things should be when they also started here last month.
As an organization that hires mostly early-career developers, it also changes our teaching dynamic. How do you grow as a company of learners when your student teacher ratio has just been halved? 
We’re adjusting to this. We’re working to update onboarding and adjust some other aspects of how we run. We’re making our shadowing process more structured. We hope we find a basket of solutions that allows us to grow and continue to train quality software engineers.
What have some of your strategies been around growth and employee development?*
*I would love to hear from you. Message me on LinkedIn with your ideas!

Sparking Genius
From our friendly neighborhood nerd Ariana F., at Rosabella Consulting
A Lifeline for Overcoming Obstacles
As I tried to make sense of some concerning news I’d recently heard, I searched for answers online. Every article I read said the same thing, yet none of the information adequately assuaged my worries. So I continued clicking away for 20 minutes!
Meanwhile, there were things on my actual to-do list that weren’t getting done.
This was an obstacle I was prepared to navigate. I grabbed a lifeline to pull myself out of the rabbit hole so I could focus on the important work. I joined a Groove - a virtual coworking app, and viola, I was back on track.
Anticipating and preparing for obstacles is essential for crafting effective goals. Researcher Gabriele Oettingen, found that positive thinking alone is insufficient for turning big dreams into reality. A key feature of her WOOP (Wish Outcome Obstacle Plan) goal setting framework is to imagine the Obstacles you will encounter and how you will overcome them.
With the month of March upon us, this is a choice time to reflect on the progress you’ve made so far this year. How are your goals coming along? What obstacles have you encountered? What obstacles do you anticipate encountering? How will you set yourself up to overcome them?
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