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October 19 · Issue #38 · View online

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

Hi Friends,
While strolling around LinkedIn the other day I ran across a link to a story about niksen, the Dutch art of doing nothing.
I leave no rabbit hole unexplored. I clicked.
My life paralleled many of the things the writer mentioned. Always being in motion. Writing, researching (sometimes before I’m out of bed, I pick up my phone and search for something I’m working on or am curious about), raising children, picking them up, dropping them off, meetings, grocery shopping (checking emails while I wait in line), chasing the next challenge and the one after that and so on to the last syllable of recorded time (thanks, Shakespeare), building friendships and work relationships, exercising (while I stream a podcast), general upkeep of a life, and David Bowie reminding me of the pressure and home, and … 
Doing nothing? Hardly ever. Even if I watch TV, I knit or fold clothes or work on an art project while I do it.
Niksen takes practice.
And without using the same word, Radial’s culture embraces this concept. Sounds odd to say that about a consultancy devoted to production. Bear with me.
When we onboard a new hire, one of our daily check in tasks for the first two weeks is to ask them if they are taking breaks. We teach niksen from day one, and we practice it each week.
At Radial, when I’m stuck on a task I stare out the window. I go for a quick walk around the block. I post in Slack that I’m going for a quick walk around the block (QWAB) to let others know and encourage them to take a break too.
These moments of nothing – aimless walking, unfocused staring – accomplish something. I might be stuck on a problem and the solution comes while I’m rounding a corner, or appreciating a beautiful fall leaf.
It doesn’t always work. Often, though, it does.

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