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Day 606


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November 9 · Issue #41 · View online

Our thoughts on running a company, tech insight, news, and nerd life.

Hi Friends,
Two years ago we were heading into the holidays – working, going to school, building relationships – generally living our lives. 
Six hundred six days later we are still in flux.
The good news is that everybody else is, too. And no one has a clear picture of what the future, mostly remote, workplace looks like. 
“One key is to maintain some semblance of consistency and clarity in your culture,” writes Robby Brumberg. “That starts with defining what, exactly, your company stands for.”
At Radial, we defined culture in the first years and continue to refine it as the world evolves. We’re not perfect and we are not the oracle of Delphi. We have some ideas – gleaned from our successes and (tons of) failures – that work.
Since going remote, we use Slack channels – #watercooler, #pets-and-babies, #books – to recreate the connections we made when working in one place. We schedule coffee dates. We have weekly announcements.
This halfway works. The other half, we’re still figuring out. When we all worked in the office, we complained the walls were thin. You could hear someone in a conference room when a client project went sideways. You knew if a meeting ran long because someone was in your space.
Turns out, thin walls and shared meeting spaces also serve as the office broadcast network. Despite our efforts, as a remote team we still find people feeling out of the loop.
Nor have we figured out how to prevent burnout. Or dissatisfaction. Or handle the feeling of being overwhelmed by the 35,000 decisions – or more – we make each day. 
We’ll come up with a small tweak tomorrow. And another the next. Maybe by day 6,006 we’ll get there.
Cheers, Lori

What would dogs become if humans disappeared?
Are we on the verge of chatting with whales?
The god of wine turned up in Turkey.
Being Better
Journaling prompts from our friendly neighborhood nerd Ariana F., at Rosabella Consulting.
There are certain things I procrastinate on. When I finally get around to doing the work I realize the reason I put it off in the first place. The task frustrates me. It’s triggering. It’s difficult for me. It might not be for others, but that’s another story. And after a few minutes or so of trying I want to give up because getting it done feels extremely daunting.
As a business owner, leader and parent, giving up is not an option and in many instances neither is delegating. Instead, I have to find a way to persevere. What helps me through these moments is awareness. When I’m entering an unhealthy pattern it helps to have tools to redirect my energy. 
Here are some journaling prompts to help you start to turn an unhealthy pattern of procrastination around:
  • What tasks do you tend to procrastinate on and why?
  • What thoughts and sensations do you experience when you feel triggered by the task(s)?
  • What sensations do you experience in your body when you’re triggered by the task(s)?
  • How do you typically react when you feel triggered by the task(s)?
  • What are more constructive ways you could respond when you start to feel triggered?
Are you feeling stuck in an unhealthy pattern at work? Would you like to reclaim control of your work and life? Save the date for the next Leadership Circle – formerly Journal Jams – with Ariana at 1:30 p.m. MST, Friday, Nov. 19. Enjoy camaraderie with like-minded changemakers while leveling-up!
Registration link coming soon.
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