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Newsletter: Rachel Thompson - Author of 8 books, Solopreneur (@BadRedheadMedia), Multi-Achiever
It’s almost Halloween. Next it’s Thanksgiving. Then Christmas. Are you ready? I’m not! Haven’t done a lick of shopping. How about you?
In other news: I just released BROKEN PEOPLE, I’m putting together an omnibus edition (all three BROKEN books together - both digital and print), I’m working on the updated version of my @BadRedheadMedia 30-Day Book Marketing Challenge, and I’ve jumped into #SocialAudio aka, Twitter Spaces for both #SexAbuseChat (e/o Tuesday after our regularly scheduled instream chat), and #BookMarketingChat (e/o Wednesday after our regularly scheduled instream chat).

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You’ve probably seen the little purple dot 🟣 on my bio and many others, which indicates we’re actively participating in Twitter’s new built-in social audio format, TwitterSpaces. The way I’m using Spaces is as a follow-up to my weekly #SexAbuseChat (every other Tuesday at 10 am pst/1 pm est).
This week, the topic is: Shame The Silencers: Let’s Stop Victim-Blaming!
Immediately following the instream chat, I open up a Space (or room, if you’re familiar with Clubhouse lingo). Social audio is so easy! Just click to listen. No video. No requirement to speak. If you want to, you click on the little built-in ‘hand’ emoji and the host will decide whether to allow you to speak or not.
Want to learn more? Jump into my upcoming TwitterSpace on Tuesday, 11/2, immediately following our regular #SexAbuseChat. Here’s the link: and it’s OKAY if you don’t have this link! Just click on my @RachelintheOC profile at the appointed time, and you’ll see a purple band with circles at the top.
Click on the band and jump in (see below - not my Spaces - using as reference). Learn all about Spaces here.
Want to learn more about ending victim-blaming? Read my thoughts. Comments, claps (how Medium shows ‘Likes), welcome:
What else?
I’m beyond thrilled to be selected a few months ago by the NEXUSMentalHealth Summit organizers to be part of their first mental health and trauma summit this week, bringing together a collection of ‘stakeholders,’ meaning people involved somehow, some way, in helping those with trauma.
The two-hour summit explored the need for those without a voice to have healing, support, and community access to all treatment modalities. Represented were women, men, LGBTQ+, youth, mental health experts, a psychologist, and many more.
I’ll have more to share as the weeks and months go by. Meanwhile, feel free to check out their Facebook Page for articles and important updates!
If you’d like to learn more about social media, marketing, author platform, blogging, or book marketing, follow me at @BadRedheadMedia! and be sure to join me next week for #BookMarketingChat Wednesday 6 pm pst/9 pm est, with @TwitterSpaces immediately following at 7 pm pst.
Got questions? Hit me up. Happy to help if I can. Please, share with a friend in need. Hope to see you next week on Tuesday for #SexAbuseChat (instream and/or in TwitterSpaces 🟣)!
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Rachel Thompson
Rachel Thompson @rachelintheoc

I'm a childhood sexual abuse survivor, embracing my healing journey - hopefully, with you! We did nothing wrong. 👊

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