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#Web3Vibes - Shatterproof NFT Mints with QuickNode 🔨🙅‍♀️⚡️

#Web3Vibes - Shatterproof NFT Mints with QuickNode 🔨🙅‍♀️⚡️
By QuickNode #Web3Vibes • Issue #52 • View online
NFTs are picking up quickly, and NFT projects love QuickNode to handle their significant mint events, usually with huge traffic inflow. We provide white-glove service to NFT projects to make sure their drop goes smoothly; get in touch at for more info!

Shatterproof NFT Mints with QuickNode
Massive shout out to the team over at @QuickNode, they are the top tier node provider for NFT launches. They have an incredible tech stack and arguably the best team I've worked with in many years. Big ups to these guys
QuickNode is partnering up with Celo for their Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon as the infrastructure provider. Hackers can apply for a free QuickNode Pro Celo Archive node here.
Watch our workshop in the Solana Ignition Hackathon
How to Use a Hosted Node Service to Scale Your Solana Project
Heads up, Optimistic Ethereum is getting an upgrade! We’re working closely with the Optimism team to perform all upgrades necessary, with minimal impact to QuickNode users 🚀🚀🚀
OVM 2.0 is coming:
Kovan - Oct 14
Mainnet - Oct 28

Expect 4-6 hours of downtime on those days. We’ll be using our Discord #announcements channel to keep everyone in the loop. Changeset here:
Fantom Foundation
Announcing a 370 million FTM incentive program for builders!

If you're a protocol team, we'll reward you for sustaining and increasing your TVL on Fantom.

Start building today!

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