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#Web3Vibes - ETH Node Syncing & Maintenance 🚀⛓⚡️

#Web3Vibes - ETH Node Syncing & Maintenance 🚀⛓⚡️
By QuikNode Weekly • Issue #31 • View online
Are your developers still maintaining Ethereum Nodes? Is that what you hired them to do? Take the time & resource drain out of Web3 infrastructure with blockchain infrastructure as a service 🚀

ETH Node Syncing & Maintenance
ETH Node Syncing & Maintenance
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Dev Cycle Black Hole: ETH Node Syncing and Maintenance
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New at QuikNode
  • Web3 SDK Guides added
  • Web3 provider endpoint Comparison Tool
  • Archive add-on now supports `trace` calls back to 0 block
  • All Geth nodes upgraded to 1.9.13
  • UI bugfixes, API reliability & performance improvements
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On-chain decoder of complex ERC20 tokens and an onchain registry of protocol metadata.
money-legos is an NPM package that provides you with the mainnet address and the ABI for popular DeFi protocols.
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