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QuikNode - Your Ethereum Node 😎

QuikNode - Your Ethereum Node 😎
By QuikNode Weekly • Issue #2 • View online

This week, we wrote down all the benefits of running an Ethereum node using QuikNode. 👇
QuikNode — Your Ethereum Node – QuikNode – Medium
Highlights from ETHDenver
ETHDenver was this weekend! There were several cool projects that came out of it, check them 👇 and you can check a recap here.
Ethereum Node Developer Survey
In Other News
In the Spotlight
A twitter bot to send ETH/DAI to anyone on Twitter 😎. Just type “@SendCrypto @EFF $1” to send $1 to Electronic Frontier Foundation (Non-Profit)!
Blurring the lines between crypto and fiat transactions inside dApps, LimePay makes accepting fiat payments with your dApp “dead easy”.
An easy-to-use web form to create your own crypto-collectibles. Each moken is unique and cannot be copied or duplicated. Each moken you mint is owned by you and can only be transferred, gifted or sold by you.
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