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Updates on QuickNode

Updates on QuickNode

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#Web3Vibes - New Chains Launched and More Web3 Updates 🔺💙

Avalanche, an EVM-based proof-of-stake chain, is considered the fastest smart contract platform in the blockchain industry as measured by time-to-finality. With the launch of Avalanche on QuickNode, developers can start building with Avalanche faster than eve…


⚡️#Web3Vibes - Algorand on QuickNode, ETHAmsterdam, & UI Redesign!

Read this Latency Whitepaper comparing QuickNode API with other Major Ethereum Node Providers. Research concludes QuickNode is 2.4x faster ⚡️. We believe Latency is the top priority for any dApp builder and we work hard on speed and reliability,


#Web3Vibes - QuickNode powers Twitter's new NFT PFP feature 🐦🖼🚀

QuickNode's NFT API makes it possible to get NFT data about ownership and creators without having to query different smart contracts. Now available on Etheruem and Solana.


#Web3Vibes - Happy Holidays from QuickNode + Arbitrum Goes Live 🎁🎄

We're excited to announce that QuickNode now supports Arbitrum! Supporting Ethereum scaling efforts and continuing our mission as a premier multi-chain Web3 infrastructure provider, Arbitrum is an important addition (#11!) to our growing number of blockchains.


#Web3Vibes - Shatterproof NFT Mints with QuickNode 🔨🙅‍♀️⚡️

QuickNode is partnering up with Celo for their Make Crypto Mobile Hackathon as the infrastructure provider. Hackers can apply for a free QuickNode Pro Celo Archive node here.Watch our workshop on How to Use a Hosted Node Service to Scale Your Celo Project


#Web3Vibes - Super pumped to announce THREE big chains⛓🤩🕺

Developer ResourcesThe Web3 Developer StackHow to Listen For Newly Minted Tokens on PancakeSwapHow to Generate a New Bitcoin Address in JavaScriptHow to Run a Binance Smart Chain NodeHow To Fork Ethereum Mainnet with HardhatHow to Create Your Own DAO with Ara…


#Web3Vibes - QuickNode is Excited to Support Optimistic Ethereum 🚀✨

Developer ResourcesLearn how EVM works, and how smart contracts work on EthereumHow to get the balance of an ERC-20 tokenHow to create and deploy a smart contract with HardhatHow to connect to Ethereum using PHPHow to do a non-custodial transaction with Quick…


#Web3Vibes - QuickNode Raises $5.3M Seed for Web3 Developer Tooling and Infrastructure 🦄✨🍉

Next, catch Dmitry & Alex, two of QuickNode's co-founders, talk about Web3 and the importance of powerful Blockchain infrastructure on Anthony Pompliano's podcast👇


#Web3Vibes - QuikNode is Building a Blockchain Developer Platform to Compete with AWS 🚀🔮

Developer ResourcesHow to create and deploy an NFTHow to generate a new Ethereum address in PHPHow to run Trade Butler Bot with QuikNodeHow to fetch Ethereum event logs in RubyWhat is an ABI in Smart Contracts?Good Reads5 Things People Are Getting Wrong About…


#Web3Vibes - Support for Matic/Polygon and Binance Smart Chain LIVE 🚀 ⛓

Developer ResourcesHow to Create and Deploy an ERC20 TokenEstimating Gas Price Using Pending Transactions in PythonHow to Stream Pending Transactions with Ethers.jsUsing Vyper to Write an Ethereum Smart ContractInteracting with Uniswap using JavaScript GuideH…


#Web3Vibes - Get 100% Affiliate Commission in February!🤑💯

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#Web3Vibes - QuikNode 2020 Recap, BCoin Support, Getting Started 🎆💎

Good ReadsGuide for Working with the Ethereum MempoolBuild Your First Dapp With Web3.jsA Look at the Future of Our Healthcare with Blockchain7 Essential Building Blocks of Decentralized Digital EcosystemsHow to Create a Universal Blockchain Smart ContractHow …


#Web3Vibes - Web3 Provider Head2Head + Speed Matters 🏎⚡️⚖️

Improved API Performance - faster, more reliable than ever.Roll Your API Key - 1-click a new API key from the dashboard.New Metrics View - a fresh, stacked look for your node metrics.BTC Address Index - add-on to look up BTC address in 1 call.


#Web3Vibes - Introducing Etherflow + UniCrypt Spotlight 😲👩‍💻🔧

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#Web3Vibes - Dune Analytics Spotlight, #DeFi, Eth2 & More! 📊🤓🚀

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#Web3Vibes - Using Subspace / Fides Exchange Spotlight 🔦 🧰 🚀

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#Web3Vibes - Uniswap Flash Swaps: A Hidden DeFi Money Lego 🏗⛓💰

xDAI Chain SupportNew Pricing & Monthly Limits7-Day Trials on 'Launch' API PlansImproved Performance & Node DoS ProtectionNew Web3 & Blockchain Guides


#Web3Vibes - xDai Chain Now Supported by QuikNode! 💵🛠🧰

Good ReadsDeFi market cap explodes, surpasses $15 billionUSPS Files Patent for Blockchain Mail-in Voting SchemeToken Staking: How To Earn Passive Income w/ Appreciating Crypto TokensBlockchain will Revolutionise PoliticsPower Plants in Iran Can now Mine Bitco…


#Web3Vibes - Introducing WebHooks for Ethereum

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#Web3Vibes - Stress Hacking in COVID + Bankless App Spotlight 🔦💰