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Issue #1 - Correspondence principle

Quantum Physics Corner
Quantum Physics Corner
«Every other great idea of physics we know how to summarize in a few simple words, but not the quantum. To many even today the quantum idea comes as if strange and unwelcome and, as it were, forced upon one from the outside against one’s will. In contrast if one really understood the central point and its necessity in the construction of the world one ought to be able to state it in one clear, simple sentence. Until we see the quantum principle with this simplicity we can well believe that we do not know the first thing about the universe, about ourselves, and about our place in the universe.»
John Wheeler

Problem of the week
We begin this issue with a problem illustrating the quantum-classical correspondence principle: in the limit of large energies, predictions of quantum mechanics agree with those of classical mechanics.
A full solution is provided at the end of this issue.
Hot off the press
Our selection of not-to-be-missed publications that have come out this week:
News and views
An insightful discussion about the field of quantum foundations and why it is important: Survey the foundations.
Erwin Schrödinger: why did he fail at Oxford? by Matin Durrani. An interesting review of the book Schrödinger in Oxford by David Clary.
Reading recommendations
Problem of the week - Solution
First, some preliminaries.
Then, we calculate the mean position.
The uncertainty calculation proceeds as follows.
And finally, the classical limit.
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