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Days #18-20: Week 2. -- Projects & Reflection

Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic
I was so sleep-deprived after pulling the all-nighter for our Hackathon that I couldn’t keep up with blogging for the rest of the week.
However, here are all of our projects in week 2 in reverse order:
1) Tic Tac Toe using React (class components)
2) Chrome Extension job application tracker
3) Chat / Messaging app using an API
4) Snake Game using Linked Lists
Also: a reflection on self-care, sleep, exercise, and how to survive the bootcamp in good emotional/physical health.

1. Tic Tac Toe -- using React
Tic Tac Toe (React) on Vimeo
Tic Tac Toe (React) on Vimeo
Built our first React app in this course after a 2.5 hour lecture by Lead Instructor Katrina. Worked with my awesome partner Peter Kennedy. Really appreciated the Approach Lecture by amazing Fellow Simon Chen.
2. Chrome Extension Job Application Tracker
Built a Chrome extension overnight with the amazing Miranda Jaramillo for our Hackathon that tracks job postings, and categorizes them in a funnel: 1) Interested, 2) Applied, 3) Phone Screen, 3) Interview, 4) Negotation/Offer – with the goal of displaying metrics over time.
Cool technology: used Chrome Sync to store data that persists across browsers so long as you’re using the same Chrome profile.
The main challenge was that we tried to implement a back end with Firebase, but we couldn’t get it to connect to our Chrome extension with Manifest version 3 – we found some posts online about how to do this with Manifest version 2. We spent over four hours on Firebase, but realized we just didn’t have enough experience or knowledge to do this. We had to move forward to using localstorage, and then Chrome storage.sync when it was way past 2am, and we were getting tired.
I’ll keep working on this project for my Solo project in Week 5, and give it a Node/Express/Postgres backend. - Chrome Developers
3. Chat / Messaging App
Built a little messaging app using an API provided by CodeSmith. Props to my excellent pair programming partner, Peng.
4. Snake Game
This first Week 2 project was probably the most technically challenging for me. It was really hard to get the body of the snake to move along with the head.
Finally figured out how to implement this moving snake using a doubly linked list. Really enjoyed coding with my partner Louis, whose birthday is today!
You can play our game here:
We did not have time to finish or refactor our code, so I hope to update this version in the near future.
Wednesday Evening Algo Book Club
New this week: Mariko and I have been doing a weekly Wednesday Leetcode meetup, which got interrupted this past week because of the Hackathon.
Mariko put together this amazing schedule of data structures and algorithms topics for the coming weeks:
So excited to have folks joining from our FTRI 9 cohort, Lawrence, Swan, Aliya, Justin, Max, Satty, Louis, Jeff and others – and going through the materials from Cracking the Coding Interview book!
However, scheduling might get a bit tricky when the June part-time immersive that Mariko is part of starts. We may have one section on Wednesday nights that focuses on the CCI book, and another on Sundays with Victor and Mariko, alternately facilitating, that focuses on the weekly Leetcode challenges.
The most important (and delightful part) is building a supportive group of friends to practice technical interview questions together, which I hope we can continue past the Immersive program, during our job search.
This was a tough week, physically. After the Hackathon on Wednesday night, I never quite caught up on sleep until Sunday, so I was a zombie for the rest of the week.
Moving forward, I’m going to better prioritize my health. I did some meal prep over the weekend to have some healthier food ready for quick cooking this week, since a lot of the lectures run over into lunch or dinner, and there are often activities scheduled during dinner, so I have been skipping meals, since it always feels like there’s not enough time to eat.
I’m also going to set a firmer bedtime, and wake up early to run with my dog. I’m not getting enough exercise, and sitting in one place for over 12 hours a day is starting to feel really bad.
This upcoming week, we are learning Redux, Node, Express, and front-end development. A lot of materials coming next, but I will focus on balance and self-care this week.
Wish us luck!
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