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Day #9: System of note-taking & organizing code/resources

Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic
Upgraded my system for organizing my notes/code/posts for #100DaysOfCodeSmith, using:
  • Notion for all my CodeSmith notes
  • Github repository for relevant code & LC challenges
  • Hashnode blog for longer posts like the JSON Parser post
Will keep using Twitter & Revue for quick daily logs, and bookmarking of links. The idea is to keep the barrier to writing low, and the process as easy as possible.
Javascript: the Hard Parts
I also continued through Will’s Front End Masters courses: “Javascript the Hard Parts,” to try to a deeper grasp of Javascript fundamentals before the Immersive program starts.
Will include more in-depth notes here.
Here is a useful post listing important Javascript concepts to know before learning React:
Top JavaScript Concepts to Know Before Learning React
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Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic @puppynomadic

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