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Day #8: Practicing technical communication for Leetcode Challenge with Mariko

Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic
I published a week-in-review post yesterday, but I realized that this messes up the neat ordering of these issues, which have thus far been arranged to correspond with each day 100 day challenges.
So I am scheduling these next few posts, in order to reserve space to dive more deeply into these problems later.

Leetcode challenge with Mariko
Mariko and I met to share our solutions for this Leetcode problem: Merge Sorted Array.
I wrote up two ways to approach this problem. The first, by making a copy of the first array, and pushing the merged/sorted numbers into the copied array. The second, by looping backwards from the end of the first array, finding the largest numbers first, and filling in the “0"s at the end of the array.
My code for this week is here. I’ll be storing our weekly LC challenges in this repository.
[Will post my two solutions here, using a video, to practice my technical communication according to the guidelines set by CodeSmith.]
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Puppy Nomadic
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