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Day #21: Redux!

Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic
Going to drop some links in here for learning Redux because this unit is really intense but really fun!
After two days of working on the Markets app with Swan using Redux, it’s all finally beginning to click in.
First a beautiful gif of Redux in action:

How it works:
  • An action is created and passed by an action creator. An action contains a type and a payload (data).
  • You dispatch an action whenever you want to make a change to the state.
  • The state for the whole app is held in a single place called the store (“single source of truth”).
  • The store is initiated and updated by reducers. Reducers take two arguments: the current state of the object, and the action that was dispatched.
Great Documentation
Redux Fundamentals, Part 2: Concepts and Data Flow | Redux
Redux Fundamentals, Part 3: State, Actions, and Reducers | Redux
Resources for learning:
Redux for Beginners – The Brain-Friendly Guide to Learning Redux
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Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic @puppynomadic

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