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Day #11: First day at CodeSmith Immersive!

Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic
Today was the first day of CodeSmith immersive!
Happy to be with such awesome people in our class :) Most of the day was spent in Orientation. Notes here:
The assessment covered javascript algorithms and a basic HTML/CSS reproduction of a notoriously simple webpage. Pair programming with Justin Wouters meant partnering to do the same kind of algorithms that we encountered in CSX and our technical interviews.
HIGHLIGHT: I really appreciated “Family Dinner” today. <3 It made me really happy that several students in my class shouted me out for helping them in some way in the past few months. :) What a wonderful community we have together! I feel so lucky to be a student here.

Here I am in Week 1.
Here I am in Week 1.
The seniors are here! Look forward to seeing their OSP presentations tomorrow!
The seniors are here! Look forward to seeing their OSP presentations tomorrow!
Partnering on Git
I learned about how to assign a “partner” to a github repository with:
git remote add partner [repo link]
And push/pull with:
git pull partner master
One interesting pair programming challenge involved writing a function that gets the size of any collection passed in as a parameter.
Besides Arrays and Objects, in Javascript there are also two other types of collections: Sets and Maps. Technically, WeakSets and WeakMaps are also types of collections.
This was a very easy question, but it was fun to do, since it required learning how to determine whether an object is a Set or Map ( collection instanceof Set ), and learning the property for the number of elements in Sets and Maps (size).
function size(collection) {
let properties = 0;
if (collection == undefined) {
return 0;
if (Array.isArray(collection)) {
return collection.length;
} else if (collection instanceof Set || collection instanceof Map) {
return collection.size;
} else if (typeof collection === 'object') {
for (let key in collection) {
properties += 1;
return properties;
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Puppy Nomadic
Puppy Nomadic @puppynomadic

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