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Vaddi Galbaat, the return of the "dad bod" and upcoming membership option

Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu
Stay motivated to exercise to Punjabi music. Just because the lockdowns in the UK are easing, they’re not everywhere else. And just because the weather is improving in the northern hemisphere, it doesn’t mean 20 minutes of exercise at home is not just a great idea.

What track's on repeat this week?
Pungrafier check out my favourite track for you to listen this week by Gurlez Akhtar and Gur Sidhu, called Vaddi Galbaat. I’m desperately looking forward to being able to make new workout videos to include this song; it should be ready in May or June 🤞🏾.
Vaddi Galbaat (Official Video) Gur Sidhu | Gurlej Akhtar | Punjabi Songs | New Punjabi Songs 2020-21
Vaddi Galbaat (Official Video) Gur Sidhu | Gurlej Akhtar | Punjabi Songs | New Punjabi Songs 2020-21
Question for this week
Would being part of a group of people that have fitness trackers, motivate you to exercise more?
Would being part of a group of people that have fitness trackers, motivate you to exercise more?
Would you join a fitness tracker kiti?
Whether you use (or plan to use) a FitBit, Garmin, Apple Watch or similar, wouldn’t be great if we had a way to form a community around our Pungra exercise?
Imagine that each person who exercises with Pungra regularly contributed a small amount of cash per month; and this was used to reward some members of the kiti for their regular exercise?
What’s in it for those who are never rewarded? It’s a way we can all acknowledge those putting the effort in, and at the same time it’s motivating us to try our best too.
Would you join such a kiti? Please answer here
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Exercise Together using Google Meet
All our exercise together sessions are available on They are on a public Google Calendar. If you’re not already using Google Calendar, I highly recommend getting started - there’s very few better ways to be organised.
Coming soon, help to make our videos better
People that will help Pungra survive, and even thrive!
Why become a member, and support our crowdfunding initiative?
We’ve been helping people around the world exercise to Punjabi music at home since 2013. The videos have improved organically and in an ad hoc manner. The YouTube channel has had more than 2 million views.
2021 is the year to decide whether to make the videos world class, or bring the whole concept to an end. You decide.
For just £3 per month your membership will:
  • ensure the video quality improves and is consistently good, both visually and the sound.
  • help us increase the number of videos.
  • help the videos reach more people.
  • reward and recognise people for exercising with Pungra.
In return you will receive:
  • voting rights to choose which music is used in upcoming videos.
  • the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping Pungra stay alive, and even thrive.
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Ravi Sandhu
Ravi Sandhu

We make exercise to Punjabi music videos and publish them freely on YouTube. And we facilitate video calls to motivate you to exercise at home at the same time as others. Provide your email address to stay motivated with information about new exercise videos, new songs to keep you motivated and tips for leading a healthier lifestyle.

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